Democrats Scared to Death That GOP Will Call Bidens to Testify

This week, rumors began to surface on Capitol Hill that Senate Republicans intend to turn an impeachment trial into an opportunity to fight back – hard – against the illegitimate coup currently unfolding in the House of Representatives. Should Nancy Pelosi have the guts to actually put articles of impeachment up for a vote, and should the House actually impeach Trump, a backlash of monster proportions is waiting for Democrats in the Senate. Republicans are going to flip the tables, turn the investigation back on the political opposition, and make Democrats wish they’d never dreamed up this plot.

Part and parcel to that plan: Bringing Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, to testify in the Senate.

This idea has been floated by several Republican senators and advisers who are loyal to Trump and disgusted by what the Democrats are trying to do. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has expressed interest. So has Sen. Rand Paul. And in an interview with The Daily Beast, former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon said the idea made perfect sense.

“The Republicans must call the Bidens to the hearings to answer to the nation about their corruption,” said Bannon. “In addition, it’s incumbent upon Warren and Sanders not to repeat ’16 and Clinton—but to call out the permanent political class.”

Pigs will fly before anyone in the 2020 Democratic primaries (save, perhaps, Tulsi Gabbard) throws the Bidens under the bus, but one can always hope. It would certainly rock the boat in a way that the media would be utterly unprepared to handle. You can just imagine how Pelosi and her goons would react if Sanders, Warren, and their buddies in the House “Squad” started talking about Biden’s corruption. It would be a bloody mess that would crack the already-fragile foundations of the Democratic Party.

But right now, the Dems are not anywhere close to tackling that issue. Indeed, they seem downright terrified that Republicans might actually follow through on the threat.

“It would be literally rolling a grenade down the aisle of the Senate,” said Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE). “Joe Biden is well known, widely respected, and frankly beloved by many in the Senate on both sides of the aisle. The impeachment process is already disruptive enough. I think we should be approaching it with seriousness, not by entertaining conspiracy theories that are utterly unfounded. And I think it would be a very unfortunate move.”

The thought of any elected Democrat saying, at this late stage in the game, that lawmakers should not be “entertaining conspiracy theories” is as laughable as it is galling. This is the same Democratic Party that wanted us to believe that Trump was secretly working for Vladimir Putin, right? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Put Biden on the stand. Put his son up there. Let’s let them answer questions about Ukraine that don’t come from softball liberals like Anderson Cooper, and then we’ll see where the chips fall.

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