Devin Nunes Files Multimillion Dollar Suit Against Steele Dossier Company

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has been in a lawsuit kind of mood this year, bringing litigation against Twitter and the news organization McClatchy in suits that accuse the companies of defaming his name as part of their war against conservatives, Republicans, and President Trump. On Wednesday, he added another name to his list of litigation with a $9.9 million federal conspiracy lawsuit against Fusion GPS, the firm hired by the DNC to dig up dirt on Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Fusion GPS was responsible for paying former British spy Christopher Steele, whose infamous “dossier” generated a million conspiracy theories before ultimately proving to be mostly fictional.

According to Nunes’s lawsuit, Fusion GPS, in coordination with the Campaign for Accountability, “were part of a joint and systematic effort to intimidate, harass, threaten, influence, interfere with, impede, and ultimately to derail” the Republican-led investigation into the 2016 election. Founder Glenn Simpson, Nunes charges, “lied” to the House Intelligence Committee in November 2017 and immediately launched into his efforts to “smear” Nunes and other Republican members of the committee.

“I was often smeared,” Nunes told Sean Hannity on Wednesday night. “And now, what we know is, there’s a link between those who were doing the smearing and Fusion GPS. When we were investigating Fusion GPS, they were actively involved in working to smear me to obstruct justice, to derail our investigation — and so, I’m going to hold these guys accountable, and this is just one of many steps we’re gonna continue to take.”

In the lawsuit, Nunes accuses Simpson of being so fearful that he would face prosecution over his false statements to Congress that he engaged in “racketeering efforts” to take the pressure off the investigation into his lies.

“Fearing a criminal referral for his false statements to the FBI and DOJ, for lying to Congress and the Senate, and for obstructing the House Intelligence Committee in its Russia investigation, the Defendants directly and aggressively retaliated against Plaintiff, employing the same or similar means and methods as Fusion GPS and Simpson have employed multiple times in the past to smear the opposition,” the lawsuit states.

We have a feeling that the dirty tactics of Fusion GPS (and the above-mentioned agencies, for that matter) have only just begun to come to the surface. Lawsuits like this one will help the public dig beneath that brittle surface and find the truth lying underneath like a buried jewel. It’s time for America to really find out how extensive this conspiracy was…and how much of it continues to work against President Trump.

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