“Do You Watch the News?” Bill Maher Mocks Leftists Who Deny Riots

HBO host Bill Maher is one of the very few liberals in popular media who will actually push back on the extraordinary foolishness of the woke left, and he’s certainly got his hands full these days. Wokeness has moved fully out of its former academic confines to become orthodoxy in Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party. Maher, who undoubtedly wants to see Trump kicked out of office in the upcoming election, is warning that by embracing idiotic people like the author of “In Defense of Looting,” the left is going to make it extremely difficult to put Joe Biden into the Oval Office.

On his show Friday, Maher actually received pushback for the simple matter of condemning rioting and looting. His panelists insisted that Biden was handling the civil unrest with perfection…and that there really isn’t that much unrest in the first place.

Maher warned his guests that in a two party system, the fringe crazies were always going to be associated with one party or the other. The left’s embrace – or at least refusal to condemn – the rioters and looters is ensuring that fringe groups like Antifa are now anchored around Biden’s neck like an electoral albatross.

“What about the property destruction issue?” Maher asked. “I’m not down with this ‘property’s on the table’ as something that we can just take because things are not right. To me, that’s not the way to address our problems — by throwing a brick through the window.”

This inspired former CNN reporter Jessica Yellin to push back: “But where is this massive destruction of property happening right now?”

“Do you watch the news?” Maher deadpanned.

Well, frankly, if she watches the news coming from her former employer, we can’t say that we’re surprised by her ignorance.

“If you look at Portland, it’s two square blocks!” Yellin insisted, saying that other examples, like Kenosha, were just part of “moments of protest which we have throughout our history.”

“There is a view in the media — please, I know you’ve seen it — Don’t look at me like I’m making this up, that this is somehow a justifiable approach,” Maher argued.

“Well isn’t it part of protest?” Yellin asked.

“So you’re part of this. You believe this,” Maher said in disbelief. “I saw this guy at a Papa John’s franchise who was yelling through his broken glass, ‘You’re going to elect Trump and I’m just trying to feed my family!’ I don’t think his view is just like ‘C’est la vie! It’s just property!'”

Nope. And it’s not “just property” to any of the small business owners who have had their livelihoods destroyed by these criminals. And it’s not “just property” to the hundreds, if not thousands, of employees who are out of work thanks to these rioters and looters.

It’s extraordinary watching these leftists defend this behavior as if it were justified, normal, or understandable. But, you know, this is what they’ve become. And it’s essential that the American people understand that as we head into this election.

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