Don’t Fight, Democrats – Neither of You are Qualified!

While things cool off temporarily on the Republican side of the primaries, let’s take a look at the mess the Democrats are going through. A civil campaign veered way off the rails last week, with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both questioning whether the other is “qualified” to be president of the United States.

The trouble started with an interview Clinton did on Morning Joe. Referring to an interview Sanders had done with the New York Daily News, where he was unable to explain how some of his anti-capitalism goals were actually going to work, host Joe Scarborough asked her if the Vermont senator was ready for the White House.

“Well, I think the interview raised a lot of serious questions,” Clinton said. “I think of it this way: The core of his campaign has been ‘break up the banks,’ and it didn’t seem in reading his answers that he understood exactly how that would work under Dodd-Frank.”

When Scarborough pressed her on whether or not Sanders was qualified to be president, Clinton said, “I think he hadn’t done his homework, and he’s been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hasn’t really studied or understood, and that raises a lot of questions.”

Sanders responded at a rally in Philadelphia, telling his supporters that he didn’t think Clinton was qualified to be president based on her Iraq war vote, her super PACs, and her support of free trade agreements.

The media has been having a field day with this, and Sanders has subsequently walked the comments back. “I respect Hillary Clinton,” he said on the Today Show. “On her worst day, she would be an infinitely better president than either of the Republican candidates.”

Oh stop yelling at the TV, John Kasich. It’s over, dude.

As fun as it is to see the Democrats finally get in the mud a little bit, there’s a pretty easy answer here that should unite the party. Guess what guys? Neither of you are qualified to be president. Your promises to ignore immigration law, your out-of-control economic liberalism, and your abject hatred of everything America stands for makes both of you unfit to hold the highest office in the land.

By all means, though – please continue.



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