Even Mitt Romney Has More Sense Than Justin “Impeachment” Amash

Sen. Mitt Romney, fresh off voting against a Trump-appointed judge because he insulted Barack Obama a decade ago, would seem like the kind of Republican who would love to get some of that fine, fine mainstream media adoration by calling for the president’s impeachment. But in a sign that even he has more sense about him than Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, Romney said Sunday that while he respected Amash’s “courage” for standing against the party, he couldn’t go along with his conclusions.

“My own view is that Justin Amash has reached a different conclusion than I have,” Romney said on CNN. “I respect him. I think it’s a courageous statement. But I believe that to make a case for obstruction of justice, you just don’t have the elements that are evidenced in this document.”

Hey, look at that, someone who actually read the Mueller report.

Make no mistake, Romney would cherish the chance to get Trump out of office – probably even it meant putting a Democrat in his place. He would damn sure prefer to have Mike Pence sitting in the Oval Office. And it is his very antagonism towards Trump that makes his position so remarkable. Romney’s not afraid to go his own way, but at least he knows the difference between real, principled concerns and Democratic Party propaganda. That’s more than we can say for Justin Amash.

On Friday, Amash unleashed a series of tweets that exposed him as a useful idiot for the Democratic Party.

“Contrary to Barr’s portrayal,” he wrote, “Mueller’s report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment.”

Despite writing several tweets on the subject, Amash never got around to explaining exactly what Trump did that was so impeachable. He’s a lot like the Democrats in that respect.

“I don’t think impeachment is the right way to go,” Romney said on Sunday. “The American people just aren’t there. And I think those who are considering impeachment also have to look at the jury, which would be the Senate. The Senate is certainly not there either.”

Like we said, Romney would probably love to see that scenario shift. But he knows he can’t go out on national television and trash his own reputation by calling for an impeachment that simply isn’t warranted by the facts. That doesn’t make him our favorite senator, but it puts him in a hell of a better class than Justin Amash.

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