Even on the Cusp of Victory, Leftists Are Protesting in the Streets

Do these idiots even know what they’re doing? If you ever needed proof that these leftist groups simply want to go outside, get in confrontations with citizens and the police, and break stuff, this week is all the evidence that you should ever need. While law enforcement agencies across the country were preparing for outbreaks of unrest and violence if President Trump retained the presidency in Tuesday’s election, it had to come as a surprise to them when Biden pulled ahead in the count…and the protests still materialized. What do these fools want?

From Fox News:

Many of the protests were being led by Black Lives Matter and Shutdown DC, which conducted training for months leading up to Election Day. Cities included in the effort included Washington, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, Ore. Other cities seeing protests included Philadelphia and Minneapolis.

In Philadelphia, two different protests converged into one, according to reports.

The Count Every Vote movement, which aims to ensure all votes are counted in the presidential election, combined with protesters calling for the termination of police officers involved in the Oct. 26 shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old Black man who police claimed came at officers with a knife. 

The two Philadelphia groups gathered in front of Independence Hall, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, before heading to City Hall and to Mayor Jim Kenney’s home in the Old City neighborhood, according to the newspaper. The Wallace protesters were seen on video chanting “Stop killing Black people!” outside the mayor’s office.

Well, stop resisting arrest and fighting with the cops.

The last thing, of course, that election officials in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia need, of course, are protesters telling them to count all the votes. These Democrats are not just going to keep COUNTING votes, they’re going to keep FINDING votes, no matter how late they may arrive. We already know that, in Pennsylvania, they’re open to taking ballots even if there is no postmark on the outside of the envelope. These votes may not have even been mailed by election day – hell, they may not have been mailed at all. For all we know, ballot harvesters are still out there in Philadelphia, looking for “lost” votes.

And then, of course, there’s Portland, where protests can’t really be said to have “started” in the wake of the election; they are just ongoing. Radical leftists have turned it into a way of life. Don’t any of these people have jobs and/or responsibilities? Wait, don’t answer that. We already know.

If Trump winds up overcoming the odds (and something rather more sinister than odds, to be frank), these protesters are going to lose their minds.

But let’s face it, that’s not going to constitute a great loss.

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