Ex-Democrat Slams Ocasio-Cortez, Urges Voters to Reject Her

Only a week or two after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked the world with her New York primary victory over incumbent Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley, it seems that forces within the Democratic Party are beginning to turn sharply against her.

In just three days, Ocasio-Cortez has been hit three separate times in a series of concussions that threaten to derail her rocket ride to the top. First, she gave an embarrassing interview to PBS’s “Firing Line” in which she exposed how little she actually knew about Israel’s – cough, cough – occupation of Palestine. The next day, a story ran in The Hill in which several Democrat lawmakers went on the record to bash the young socialist for trying to start trouble within the party before even winning an election.

And now, a former Democratic senator and Vice Presidential candidate is publicly encouraging Crowley to jump back into the race for New York’s 14th Congressional District in order to prevent Ocasio-Cortez from bringing her toxic stew of ignorance and socialist tendencies to Washington. Joe Lieberman penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal this week in which he said Ocasio-Cortez’s agenda had little to do with mainstream Democratic Party politics and that her election to Capitol Hill would “make it harder for Congress to stop fighting and start fixing problems.” He said that voters should pick Crowley as an investment in the future of democracy.

“Thanks to a small percentage of primary votes, all of the people of New York’s 14th Congressional District stand to lose a very effective representative in Washington,” he wrote.

Though Crowley will not be representing the Democratic Party on the ballot, he WILL be on the ballot in a strange turn of events that the Ocasio-Cortez camp views as electoral sabotage. Crowley is the nominee of the Working Families Party, purportedly through no interest of his own. Ocasio-Cortez has public accused him of mounting a third-party campaign against her in November, but Crowley has said repeatedly that he has no interest in running.

Still, Lieberman, at the very least, believes that he should.

“[House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi] knows that if Democrats are to regain a majority, it will be by winning swing districts with sensible, mainstream candidates. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is making that task harder across America,” Lieberman wrote. “Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America, whose platform, like hers, is more Socialist than Democratic. Her dreams of new federal spending would bankrupt the country or require very large tax increases, including on the working class. Her approach foresees government ownership of many private companies, which would decimate the economy and put millions out of work.”

These days, Lieberman is arguably as much a moderate Republican as he is a Democrat, but then, it’s not clear if that’s a switch on his part or on the part of his former party’s. The Democratic Party has changed a lot since Lieberman’s day; hell, it’s lurched to the left since OBAMA’S day. While it’s not quite the socialist collective that Ocasio-Cortez represents…it is definitely headed in that direction. Whether it can pull mainstream Democrat voters along for the ride or not is the question. Lieberman thinks not. WE think not.

But then, we’ve been surprised before.


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