Fmr U.S. Attorney: Biden Would Shut Down Probe Into Russia Investigation

With the probe into Obama administration wrongdoing in regards to spying on the Trump campaign heating up, former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy warned Sunday that the election of Joe Biden would put everyone involved with the Russia investigation in the clear. Speaking to 770 AM in New York, McCarthy said that Biden would make shutting down any review of the Russia probe one of his first orders of business as president.

“There was obviously a lot of irregularity that went on,” McCarthy said of the Russia investigation. “It’s pretty clear that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign.”

Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham have been looking into the Russia probe to see if Obama administration FBI officials broke the law when they put their political opponents under surveillance. This probe has been grinding away behind the scenes for months – one factor that McCarthy said will work against Trump and anyone else hoping to see justice prevail.

“The longer this goes, the more the left will say that it’s just a political stunt by the Trump campaign and the more likely it is that if Trump were to lose the election in November, an incoming Biden administration would just shut it down when it came in anyhow,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy said that would be a travesty, considering the unprecedented nature of the scandal.

“The Obama administration is unique in American political history for the manner in which it politicized both law-enforcement and intelligence. And we’re really paying the price for that,” he said. “There was once a certain understanding that no matter which party was in charge, everybody regarded law enforcement as almost a sacred, solemn mission, and what I find now is that it’s been politicized in an awful way.”

McCarthy’s warning comes just as Republicans in the Senate are making waves when it comes to investigating the investigators. In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham said that new information proves that the FBI lied not only to the FISA Court when trying to spy on Trump campaign officials, they also lied to Congress about the Steele dossier.

“Stay tuned next week,” Graham said. “They lied their ass off to Congress.”

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