Former ICE Director: Under Democrat President, Country Will “Collapse”

In an interview with Steve Hilton this weekend, former ICE Director Thomas Homan said that America’s illegal immigration problem would spiral into a national catastrophe if a Democrat were elected to be our next president.

“They say they care about these people,” Homan said. “They care about children dying and women being raped. They need to look in the mirror because if you keep offering enticements – sanctuary cities, free health care, in-state tuition – people are going to put themselves in harm’s way to come to this country.

“This president has gotten the border down 65 percent on his own,” he continued, “and at the same time, you’ve got the Democratic Party throwing out more enticements. Do they think that’s gonna help the border? When you say, ‘I want to abolish ICE, we want to end immigration detention, we want to give you free health care…’ when you throw these enticements out, more people are going to come to this country illegally.”

While the 2020 Democrats cast themselves in various lights, depending on their political ideologies and their strategies to win the nomination, not a single one of them can be called a “moderate” when it comes to immigration. Bernie Sanders wants to give taxpayer-funded healthcare and free college tuition to illegal aliens. Supposedly moderate Pete Buttigieg wants the U.S. government to financially compensate the “victims” of family separation and put all of them on a “fast track” to citizenship.

Homan said that if Democrats take control of the levers of government and enact these policies, it will lure illegal aliens here in numbers that can’t be sustained.

“If they make success out of these promises they make, why wouldn’t you come here?” Homan noted. “I’ll tell you what, if they win the election in 2020, this country’s in trouble. You’re gonna see an out-of-control border like you’ve never seen it before. This is going to cause this country to collapse.”

Democrats have done such an excellent job at conflating immigration and racism that they’ve convinced a huge portion of the American public that we should just throw open the borders and let the chips fall where they may. Make no mistake (and no one reading this needs to be convinced), this would be the beginning of the end for the United States of America. A more suicidal policy – economically, legally, and culturally – cannot be imagined.

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