Former NatSec Adviser: Biden’s Son May Be “Compromised By the Chinese”

In an interview with Fox News this week, K.T. McFarland, who used to serve as the Deputy National Security Adviser to President Trump, said that there are compelling reasons to believe that Hunter Biden’s business ties have put him (and his father) in a difficult position with the Chinese Communist Party. These ties, McFarland said, could set up conflicts that make it impossible for Joe Biden to do what’s right for the U.S. in dealings with China.

“There’s really significant evidence that his son has been compromised by the Chinese government, that there’s a corruption, pay-to-play scandal,” McFarland said. “I mean, is Joe Biden himself compromised?”

Hunter’s business interests in both Ukraine and China have come under scrutiny for much of the past year (although not by the mainstream leftist media). Newly released documents show the younger Biden corresponding with CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, to whom Hunter extended “best wishes from the entire Biden family.” Hunter also asked the energy chairman to send a $10 million wire to “properly fund and operate” a joint venture.

McFarland said that this email alone should raise eyebrows among anyone interested in President-Elect Biden’s relationship with the Chinese government.

“This country needs to heal,” she said. “And as long as there is this cloud over our president, where 50% of the population looks at that guy and says, ‘You stole it and you are probably compromised by the Chinese’, that doesn’t do America any good. So let’s have a special prosecutor come out, clear the air, if there’s nothing there, great, and if there is something there, we need to know about it.”

Interestingly, the intelligence community is reportedly divided over whether or not to release their report on foreign election interference and meddling, mostly because senior analysts can’t get on the same page about whether or not China influenced the election in favor of Biden.

“Was it something to do with cyberattacks, was it something to do with the balloting, was it something to do with influence-peddling, was it something to do with bots and kind of stirring the pot?” McFarland wondered. “All of those things are a range of issues and I’m assuming the reason it’s delayed is because there’s probably something explosive in there.”

You’ll recall in 2016, when there was a similar divide amongst the intelligence agencies about whether or not Putin and the Russians specifically meddled in the election to help President Trump, there was absolutely NO delay in shipping the report out to the public. Apparently, now that the intelligence community has another establishment shill coming into office, they’ve lost interest in figuring out how exactly he got there…and with whose help he managed the feat.

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