Fraud: NBC Plants Biden Supporters as “Undecideds” in Lame Town Hall

No one will be particularly surprised to learn than NBC is in the tank for the Biden campaign, but they aren’t even trying all that hard to hide it anymore. On Monday, the network came under harsh criticism for peppering a town hall event with “undecided voters” who asked questions of the former vice president. The only problem? The network’s cable news sister, MSNBC, had already identified these people as Biden supporters in previous broadcasts. Whoops.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

NBC News featured a pair of “undecided” voters during a network town hall earlier this week who had previously declared their support for Democratic nominee Joe Biden on the network’s sister channel, MSNBC.

Lawyer Peter Gonzalez and marketing executive Ismael Llano posed questions to Biden during a town hall on Monday, when he appeared before what the network described as an “audience of undecided Florida voters.”

Both Gonzalez and Llano, however, were featured in an MSNBC segment in August to explain why they support Biden. “If we get four more years of Trump, good luck, and good luck with the future attracting younger voters,” Gonzalez said as an MSNBC chyron noted he was “voting for Biden.” Llano was also identified as “voting for Biden” and offered praise for the former vice president.

Like…are you kidding? They might as well bring in paid actors if this is the best they’re going to do. Hell, for all we know these ARE paid actors, and that’s why MSNBC can’t keep their stories straight. You’d think you could find more than a few voters in Miami to come appear at your town hall, you know? Even if you take away the fact that their descriptions have changed, it’s ridiculous that NBC is still using the same voters they talked to in August.

Biden supporters, undecideds, or paid actors, it really came to the same: This town hall was a pathetic, hour-long advertisement extolling the glories of Joe Biden and the horrors of Donald Trump. The media learned few lessons from 2016, and the one they did actually learn is the exact wrong one: That they were TOO HARD on Hillary Clinton. That’s the one mistake they have vowed not to repeat with Biden, and boy is it obvious.

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