Georgia Democrat: “I’m Black…I Ain’t Voting for Joe Biden.”

In a powerful op-ed for The Daily Caller, Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones proudly threw his support behind President Donald Trump – an unusual move for a lifelong Democrat. In addition to representing his district in Georgia for the Democratic Party, Jones is also black. Inhabiting, therefore, perhaps the most unlikely identities for a Trump supporter, Jones is the definition of courage. He’s not intimidated by the leaders of his party, who have called for him to be censured and tossed out of the party. He hasn’t backed down in the face of challenges to his integrity, his motivations, his intelligence, or his “loyalty” to his race.

No, he stands firm. And in the op-ed, Jones made it clear that even those he is most assuredly black, he will not be voting for Joe Biden in November.

“The black unemployment rate under Biden and the Obama administration averaged a horrific 12.8 percent. The number of black Americans in poverty barely fell during the Obama administration, going down by just 145,000 over eight years,” Jones noted. “By comparison, more than double that number – 350,000 black Americans – were lifted out of poverty during just the first two years of the Trump administration.

“Even before that, where was Biden for 36 years in the United States Senate on this issue?” Jones asked. “I’ll tell you. He was too busy shouting ‘my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle.’ That racial jungle he was referring to includes black and brown Americans like me. Right now, President Trump is being defined as a racist by the media, when in reality Joe Biden is the full-blooded bigot.”

Jones said that the Democratic Party’s attempts to trash Trump as a detriment to black Americans was a narrative that had nothing in common with the facts.

“President Trump has worked to undo injustices within our criminal justice system.  He signed the First Step Act, the first major reform to our criminal justice system in a decade. Thanks to the president’s leadership on this issue, our criminal justice system is fairer and our communities are safer,” he wrote.

“As black Americans, we need to be aware of the clear choice in front of us,” he continued. “Joe Biden has betrayed black Americans throughout his career in Washington. President Trump has spent his 3.5 years in office fighting to improve the lives of black Americans.”

It is, of course, a pipe dream to think that black Americans will vote for Trump in any significant numbers this November. Still, the electorate is stretched over such clear demographical divisions that even if Trump can improve his black numbers by a few percentage points over 2016, Biden will be toast on election day. If there are enough black voters who see through the charade the Democratic Party has been selling over the last couple of decades, it could happen.

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