Gingrich: The Left’s Power “Grows From the Media”

In a very enlightening piece of commentary published on Sunday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich points out how similar the media’s hatred of Trump is to that same media’s antipathy towards Richard Nixon in the early 1970s. Using Theodore White’s “The Making of the President 1972” as a comparison tool, Gingrich notes that not much has changed in the 40+ years since the media launched a war of propaganda against a despised (by them) conservative.

“Everything we are used to seeing in what President Trump calls ‘fake news’ existed by 1972,” Gingrich explains in his Fox News op-ed. “The parallels are amazing – and are part of why I decided to spend so much time analyzing 1972 and 2020 as similar patterns of conflict.

“The current New York Times overt shift from smearing President Trump with Russian collusion (which collapsed) to smearing President Trump with allegations of racism were all foreshadowed by the universal elite media hostility to President Nixon a half-century ago,” Gingrich continues. “The lockstep hostility of the Times, The Washington Post, and the left-wing TV systems were simply proof that in President Trump they had encountered a leader bent on changing their world and confronting their values.”

Gingrich then quotes from White’s work in a passage that, with a few small detail edits, could have easily been written about today’s climate:

“The power of the press in America is a primordial one. It sets the agenda of public discussion; and this sweeping political power is unrestrained by any law. It determines what people will talk and think about—an authority that in other nations is reserved for tyrants, priests, parties and mandarins. No major act of the American Congress, no foreign adventure, no act of diplomacy, no great social reform can succeed in the United States unless the press prepares the public mind. And when the press seizes a great issue to thrust onto the agenda of talk, it moves action on its own—the cause of the environment, the cause of civil rights, the liquidation of the war in Vietnam, and, as climax, the Watergate affair were all set on the agenda, in first instance, by the press.”

Gingrich notes that “the power of the left grows from the media,” which is perhaps the most important thing to understand about modern politics.

It is, fortunately for us, both the left’s greatest strength and their greatest weakness. That weakness has been exploited by no one in Republican history as effectively as President Trump, who has done more than any other conservative politician to expose the agenda of the fake news media. That exposing process isn’t finished by a long shot, but it is certainly working. And because of that, Trump may very well have a chance to repeat history in November of next year.

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