GOP House Leader Opens New Congress By Raking Pelosi Over the Coals

Without ever actually mentioning her or the Democrats by name (he didn’t need to), House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy dedicated his time on Sunday to opening the 117th Congress by raking Nancy Pelosi and her party over the coals. Blasting them for putting their left-wing priorities over the needs of the American public, McCarthy focused his attack on Pelosi’s neglectful delay in getting economic help to people struggling with the effects of the pandemic. He also hammered the Democrats for spending the last two years locked in “resistance” to President Trump rather than trying to pass helpful legislation for the country.

“When the need for more pandemic relief was obvious, did we deliver a timely lifeline America needed? Or did we say nothing was better than something until politics dictated our actions?” McCarthy said. “When unrest spilled into the cities and communities across the country, did we deliver safety that Americans wanted or did we let calls to defund the police, intimidate us from protecting life, liberty and property?”

Unbelievably, some House Democrats had the temerity to boo this sentiment, though there were some Republicans in the chamber who cheered McCarthy on.

In any event, McCarthy was undeterred. He said that the November election proved that Americans want “common sense, not conflict.”

“It was a referendum against a radical agenda to defund the police and punish hard work. It was a wakeup call,” McCarthy said. “I will never, never, never vote to defund the police.”

The California Republican said that he would remain committed to his constituents: “Farmers, and oilfield workers who rise at the dawn to go to work, who pray to God and raise the next generation of good, decent citizens.”

“Can we keep that commitment to America?” he asked. “No more misplaced priorities. The American people deserve better. America is worth fighting for. American’s rights are worth fighting for. Their dreams are worth fighting for. Their voices are worth fighting for. And most importantly, their voices are worth being heard on this floor.”

The fact that Democrats re-elected Pelosi as their Speaker proves that they’ve learned little-to-nothing from November’s results. They remain bafflingly certain that the San Francisco progressive knows what’s best for the party. What evidence they’re using to suppose this, we can’t imagine. But we do know that the next two years will represent a cutthroat fight against the Biden/Pelosi agenda, which will threaten every single thing President Trump accomplished in the last four.

It’s a fight worth winning.

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