Governor Drafts Bill to Prevent Left-Wing Mob Protests – By Any Means Necessary

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has reportedly drafted legislation that would make it very unwise to be an anarchist protester in the Sunshine State. Determined to make sure that Florida never sees the kind of chaos the country has seen in Minneapolis, Portland, Kenosha, Seattle, New York City, and other Democrat cities, DeSantis is expanding Stand Your Ground laws to give armed citizens immunity if they are forced to shoot a rioter or looter in the act.

The Miami Herald reported Tuesday that the bill is aimed at preventing “violent and disorderly assemblies.” If passed, it could exempt citizens from criminal prosecution if they forcefully stop someone involved in the “interruption or impairment” of a business, which would constitute a burglary within 500 feet of a riot. The draft would also make it a third-degree felony for Floridians to engage in protests that block traffic and it would give immunity to drivers who unintentionally kill or injure protesters who are impeding the roads.

You’ll not be surprised to know that some critics are concerned about the consequences of this legislation.

“It allows for vigilantes to justify their actions,” former prosecutor Denise Georges told the Herald. “It also allows for death to be the punishment for a property crime — and that is cruel and unusual punishment. We cannot live in a lawless society where taking a life is done so casually and recklessly.”

The bill will also reportedly contain language that withholds state funds from cities that defund their police departments.

“It’s clear that the Trump beauty pageant is still going on with governors and senators, who all want to be the next Trump,” griped Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber. “And the governor is clearly a very good contestant.”

Well, that’s one way to look at it.

Another way: DeSantis – unlike most of his Democrat counterparts – actually takes the safety and protection of his constituents seriously. We know it’s controversial in these strange days to actually be “tough on crime,” but it’s clear that DeSantis isn’t afraid of taking the hard approach. He doesn’t want Florida to turn into a haven for woke mobs that think nothing of beating strangers, lighting buildings on fire, and stealing goods in the name of – cough, cough – social justice. And this legislation seems like a pretty good way to keep it from happening.

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