Goya CEO Trolls Ocasio-Cortez With Employee of the Month Award

There are failed boycotts and then there are boycotts that fail so spectacularly that they actually accomplish the opposite of the intended effect. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accidentally created the second type this summer after Goya CEO Robert Unanue appeared with President Donald Trump at a White House business event. At that event, Unanue was unashamed to praise the president, telling the assembled reporters that the United States is “blessed to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder.”

AOC didn’t like that one bit. She posted a clip from the event on Twitter along with this quip: “Oh look, it’s the sound of me Googling ‘how to make your own adobo’ #BoycottGoya.”

Well, it didn’t work quite as she intended. Before the end of the week, grocery store shelves were wiped out of Goya products as Americans flocked to support the Hispanic foods company. Just as Democrats often send Americans rushing out to their local gun shops by threatening their Second Amendment rights, Ocasio-Cortez unintentionally crowned herself the finest salesperson Goya ever had.

In an interview on Monday, Unanue said the backlash against the boycott was immense.

“When she boycotted us, our sales actually increased 1,000%,” Unanue said. “So we gave her an honorary – we never were able to hand it to her – but she got Employee of the Month for bringing attention to Goya and our adobo.”

The CEO said that AOC’s boycott managed to bring brand awareness to “so many new people,” expanding sales of the canned food products well beyond what the company had been achieving before the slight.

“His latest comments come as Goya has doubled its production with an $80 million facility in Texas to meet increasing demand,” reports Fox News.

But although Unanue is pleased with the blessings being rained down on his company, he is disturbed with much of what he sees happening in the country. In an interview with Maria Bartiromo last week, Unanue said he’s particularly concerned with Big Tech’s influence on our national discourse.

“We’re controlled by social media. Anything that doesn’t go along with their agenda and narrative is not permissible,” he said. “We’ve lost our courage. We are the greatest country on earth but we’ve lost the freedom and we have to get back to work.”

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