Guess Which Republican Just Joined Lisa Murkowski in Criticizing McConnell

Sometimes political reality is so predictable that it might as well be written by a hack playwright. Last week, when the media went gaga over Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s “brave” break from Republicans, we would have emptied our back accounts to bet on which Republican senator would be next in line to offer criticism of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. And boy, would we have won a fortune. That is, if anyone was dumb enough to actually take the most surefire bet in American wagering history.

On Monday, the predictable became the predicted when Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) told Maine Public Radio that it was “inappropriate” for McConnell to say he was working in coordination with the White House on implementing Trump’s impeachment trial defense.

“It is inappropriate, in my judgment, for senators on either side of the aisle to prejudge the evidence before they have heard what is presented to us because the each of us will take an oath, an oath that I take very seriously, to render impartial justice,” Collins said.

“I have heard Democrats like Elizabeth Warren saying that the president should be impeached, found guilty and removed from office,” she continued. “I’ve heard the Senate majority leader saying that he’s taking his cues from the White House. There are senators on both sides of the aisle, who, to me, are not giving the appearance of and the reality of judging that’s in an impartial way.”

Oh, Susan, no one is buying your “both sides” nonsense, so just give it a rest. Either admit that you’re little more than a Democrat in GOP clothes or take a stand for this country, conservatism, and the way of life that Democrats are trying to destroy. Your concern trolling is annoying, unnecessary, and unhelpful to anyone.

But even if we take Collins at her word and take as sincere her desire to remain “impartial,” she must be regarded as an idiot. We mean that in the dictionary sense – an individual with an extremely low IQ, unfit for a professional position, much less a place in the U.S. Senate. Now, Susan Collins is not the only bona fide idiot on Capitol Hill, that much is certain. But what else can you call someone who, at this late stage in the game, still hasn’t figured out that Democrats are just trying to railroad a duly-elected president? A genius?

We’re not sure what Collins and Murkowski get out of being the resident Republican contrarians, but we hope that whatever it is, it’s worth it. Indeed, it must be, because they play this game every time the opportunity comes up. Who knows, maybe they just like seeing their names in The New York Times.

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