Hillary Crawls Out of Her Hole. Rep. Dan Crenshaw Knocks Her Back Down.

To no one’s surprise, Hillary Clinton has been at the forefront of criticizing President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis, using her Twitter account to take shots at the administration from her comfortable perch as a private citizen. In addition to unnecessarily lecturing the American public on the fact that Trump can’t cancel the November elections (…no one proposed this), Clinton took to social media on Monday to tweet out a Washington Post story reporting that the U.S. government was “beset by denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged.”

Clinton highlighted a quote from the story which read: “It took 70 days for Trump to treat the coronavirus not as a distant threat or harmless flu strain well under control, but as a lethal force poised to kill tens of thousands of citizens.”

In case her followers didn’t get the message, Clinton hammered it home.

“Replace this man in November,” she wrote.

Clinton’s tweet drew the ire of Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), who has been at the forefront of knocking down Democrats who are using the coronavirus to score political points against their Republican enemies. He was quick on the draw this time, reminding the former secretary of State that Trump had taken massive action against the pandemic long before her precious Washington Post was taking the threat seriously.

“Denial?” asked Crenshaw. “From the man who restricted travel in January & saved lives, while your party celebrated his impeachment? You may be confusing him with the Washington Post, telling America to get a grip. That COVID19 wasn’t scary, & that we should be wary of an aggressive govt response.”

To drive the point home, Crenshaw linked to three Washington Post articles from January and February that showed just how disingenuous the paper is being about the administration’s supposed lack of preparation.

“Get a grippe, America,” the paper wrote on February 1. “The flu is a much bigger threat than coronavirus, for now.”

Oh, look at that. Is that the Beltway’s paper of record playing the part of a true blue Flubro a couple of months ago? Why, it certainly seems so.

Here’s what they wrote the day before: “How our brains make coronavirus seem scarier than it is.” That was their headline above a guest op-ed from a Harvard University professor, once against downplaying the threat.

Crenshaw also linked to a February 3 WaPo article written by two researchers from Northwestern University. Their warning: “Why we should be wary of an aggressive government response to coronavirus.”

But now the paper – and useless critics like Hillary Clinton – want to pretend that they were taking the threat seriously all along. Unfortunately for them, past statements live forever on the internet. And Rep. Dan Crenshaw seems to be pretty damn good at finding them.

Crawl back in your hole, Hillary. Your input is not needed at this time. Thanks.

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