Hillary Planned to Fire Obama Official Behind Her Email Investigation

In an explosive interview with Fox News, former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough – an Obama appointee whose investigative conclusions played a big role in exposing Hillary Clinton’s email scandal – said that he was subject to “personal blowback” as a result of his work on the case. The Clinton campaign, he said, even made it known that Hillary would fire McCullough if she were to win the 2016 election.

The trouble started in January of last year when McCullough informed the GOP Senate leadership that some of Clinton’s emails had been marked “Top Secret.” It was at this time that others in the Obama administration began warning him that he was dancing with the devil.

“All of a sudden I became a shill of the right,” he told Fox News. “And I was told by members of Congress: ‘Be careful, you’re losing your credibility. You need the be careful. There are people out to get you.’”

As for those emails, which have still not been released to the public because they are so highly classified, McCullough said it was a wise idea to keep them under wraps. “There was a very good reason to withhold those emails,” he said. “There would have been harm to national security.”

Which, of course, makes it all the more troubling that Clinton was receiving and reading these emails on a private, homebrew server that lacked the security enhancements of the federal government’s classified digital system.

McCullough said that one of Clinton’s primary public defenses – that these emails were marked classified long after the fact and that there was intense inter-departmental disputes as to whether or not they should or shouldn’t be classified – he says it’s largely bunk.

“There was an effort, certainly on the part of the campaign, to mislead people into thinking that there was nothing to see here,” McCullough said.

Later in the year, the Clinton campaign sent word through the grapevine that was clearly intended to get McCullough to back off the case. A direct threat came to McCullough, challenging him and another top government investigator who had worked on the case.

“I was told in no uncertain terms, by a source directly from the campaign, that we would be the first two to be fired with her administration,” he said. “That that was definitely going to happen.”

Fox News asked McCullough what would have happened to him if he’d sent more than 2,000 classified emails through an unsecured server.

His response? “I’d be sitting in Leavenworth right now.”

As should be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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