House Democrat: “No Basis” to Think Intel Agencies Did Anything Wrong in 2016

Democrats really do live in their own reality. Imagine living in 2019 and having access to all this information about the election and the obvious bias that brought this witch hunt about and still being able to go on television to say it’s “nonsense” to believe that the Obama administration did anything wrong. You would have to be either a delusional nutcase, a liar, or someone so caught up in your own bubble that you can’t see what’s plainly in front of you. We’re not sure which of these accurately describes Rep. Jerrold Nadler of the House Intelligence Committee, but he’s definitely not in alignment with the real world.

On Rachel Maddow’s show last week, Nadler appeared to say there was no reason whatsoever for the Department of Justice to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion probe.

“It’s part of the Trump and Republican plot to dirty-up the intelligence community, to pretend that there’s something wrong with the beginning of the Mueller investigation and to persecute and bring into line the intelligence agencies,” Nadler said. “This is the third investigation. Remember, the inspector general of the Department of Justice launched an investigation of Strzok and Page and all these people and concluded their political opinions did not interfere with their decisions in the probe, and that there was nothing wrong with being in the probe.

“The attorney general, the prior attorney general, asked the U.S. attorney in Utah – Huber – to do a second investigation,” he continued. “We’re waiting for the result of that, and we don’t need a third investigation of the same material just designed to further the propaganda against the Mueller investigation and against an apolitical and properly functioning FBI and intelligence community.”

Nadler surmised that Trump’s order, granting Attorney General William Barr the power to declassify documents relating to the probe, could just be a “public relations” ploy. Which is naturally what the Democrats would think, given the circus they’ve been putting on for the last two years.

“The fact of the matter is, this is all nonsense,” he claimed. “There is no basis whatsoever to believe that anybody in the intelligence community did anything wrong in terms of starting the investigation or the Hillary email investigation. And what they’re really trying to do is to divert attention from the Mueller report and from the president’s actions against the rule of law to an imaginary scandal.”

Imagine living in that reality, where the wrongdoing of the Obama intelligence community is an “imaginary scandal,” but the Trump/Russia collusion theory is the real deal. Delusional? Lying? Bubble?

Nadler must be suffering from some combination of the three.

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