If Only Trump Had Fired Sessions a Long Time Ago

President Donald Trump finally demanded the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday, a widely-expected conclusion to the former Alabama senator’s undistinguished and disgraceful tenure at the Justice Department. We’ve got a lot of love for old Jefferey when it comes to his views on illegal immigration and the rule of law, and we’re not denying that he did some good work as attorney general. But none of that really matters, does it? Not when you compare it to the grave mistakes Sessions has made.

Because of Jeff Sessions, there has been no serious investigation of the crimes committed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Those include not only her email server debacle, which has yet to be properly accounted for, but her campaign’s use of Russian propaganda – the dossier – and her collusion with Obama’s crooked intelligence leaders. If we had someone responsible and, importantly, un-recused in the top law enforcement spot, we could finally uncover the extent of these crimes and unravel the left’s conspiracy to thwart an election.

Similarly, Sessions has done precious little to remedy the FBI’s deceptive efforts to spy on an American citizen, Carter Page. Instead of systematically firing and prosecuting agents involved in a clear, blatant attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the FISA court, Sessions essentially ignored the whole debacle. Worse, he ran interference for the FBI and the DOJ when Republican lawmakers tried to get to the bottom of this travesty.

All of this incompetence stems from Sessions’ one, unforgivable mistake, which was the recuse himself from all matters relating to the 2016 campaign. This was an unnecessary, colossal error that allowed the birth of the Robert Mueller investigation. Worse (since we do not expect that Mueller will ever come up with anything to truly harm the president), it allowed the Democrats to run wild with their Russian collusion theories for two straight years. And if the left is as riled up and they seem to be online, it will now lead to enormous protests as confused liberals look to “Protect Mueller.” All of this could have been avoided.


“At the outset, the attorney general wrongfully disqualified himself from any involvement in the Mueller probe, citing a federal regulation that had no relevance or application,” writes Fox News analyst Gregg Jarrett. “Recusal pertains to criminal cases – not to counterintelligence probes, which is what the Russia inquiry was when Sessions recused himself. Inexplicably, Sessions misunderstood the regulations.”

Inexplicable is one word. Inexcusable is another.

The Russia investigation has been an anchor around Donald Trump’s neck from the beginning of his presidency, and Mueller’s appointment has given unwarranted credibility to the theory that Trump colluded with Moscow. Two years on, no crime has been identified.

Jeff Sessions is no doubt a good man, but his actions are indirectly responsible for allowing this charade to continue. We need someone in his job that will protect the duly-elected president, not the illegitimate hitman appointed to erase the 2016 election.

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