It’s Serious: Organizers Reach Threshold to Put Gavin Newsom Recall Up for Vote

It started as a low-key effort that seemed destined to fizzle out. But after California Gov. Gavin Newsom continued to blunder his way through the coronavirus in the last half of 2020, the recall movement aimed squarely at his governorship began to pick up heat. And now, with organizers reportedly claiming that they have enough signatures to put the recall election to voters, it has become deadly serious. With California suffering from a twin combination of punishing economic lockdowns and more COVID cases than any other state, Newsom’s days as governor may be numbered.

“Newsom recall leader @tomdelbeccaro says his team now has over the needed 1.5 million signatures to force a recall election this year,” reported Fox 11 anchor Elex Michaelson. “Those signatures have to be officially verified so organizers are hoping to get 2 million signatures by mid-March so they have extras.”

There was some muddled reporting here; after only a few hours, Michaelson tweeted a correction, saying that the organizers had “NOT hit the 1.5 million signatures needed to force a recall…YET.”

And then, Michaelson wrote: “Tom Del Becarro, chair of the Rescue California PAC (a major recall supporter), said they HAVE reached the 1.5 million vote threshold, but wants to get to 1.9 million signatures by the end of March. Economy disputes that figure & says he’s the sole spokesman for the campaign.”

That is some pretty shoddy reporting, but if we were to cut through to the gist, we’d have to assume that they have the signatures and now they’re looking for more. It seems inevitable that this recall is going to go forward.

“Newsom’s approval rating has dropped from 64 percent in September to just 46 percent in late January, according to a poll conducted by the University of California-Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies,” The Hill reported. “While getting a recall measure on the ballot may be possible, experts have cautioned it is likely to be much more difficult to actually recall Newsom in the heavily Democratic state.”

True, but its happened before. Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Maybe it’s time for history to be repeated.

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