Joe Biden Must Do More to Push Back Against the Radical Left

Put plainly, there isn’t a whole lot recommending Joe Biden for the office of the presidency. He has already proven that he will take a weak (if not utterly compromised) position on our greatest economic rival, China. He has already shown that he doesn’t possess the vision necessary to move the Democratic Party anywhere other than back to the Obama years. He has promised to demolish the Trump tax cuts. He is a gaffe factory. And, in the age of #MeToo, he is entirely too comfortable putting his unwanted hands on women who find themselves in his unfortunate orbit.

But because he’s associated with Obama, and has far greater name recognition than the majority of Democrats in the 2020 field, he’s been the default frontrunner since throwing his hat into the ring. Unfortunately for him, that grace period may be running out. A new Monmouth poll shows him in third place behind Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, a placing that says more about his faltering campaign than about his competitors’ rise. He dropped 13 pointed since the last Monmouth poll in June.

Are Democratic primary voters finally fed up with Biden’s near-constant flow of mushmouth mistakes?

Or is he actually giving up his greatest advantage in an attempt to out-do the socialists on his left flank?

Far more than his meme-worthy friendship with Barack Obama or even his pre-existing name recognition, Biden’s greatest advantage in the 2020 race is his relative normalcy. Mike Pence said it best a month ago when he assured an audience that there were no moderates in the Democratic primaries, but Biden is about the closest to that mark that we have. He is, as far as we can tell, the only one on that debate stage who stands the slightest chance of winning back those Obama/Trump voters who made such a difference in the 2016 election. He’s a radical leftist by history’s standards, perhaps, but he’s wonderfully mainstream when you compare him to the Communist freaks he’s running against.

If you drill down on a recent CNN poll, you can see where Biden’s support is flagging. It’s not with the radical mob. No, Biden is bleeding conservative and moderate Democrats – the very Democrats the party MUST have if they want to defeat Trump next November. They make up the majority of Biden’s support base, and if he loses them…well, it’s his own fault.

As the frontrunner, Biden had the perfect opportunity to push back – and push back hard – against the lunacies being preached by Sanders, Warren, and the rest of the “we’re just here to sell some books” 2020 field. He has failed to do so. While stopping short of embracing idiotic ideas like the Green New Deal or the decriminalization of illegal immigration, he has done far too little to tell Americans why those ideas won’t work. He could do it at any time, but he’s so worried about turning off the radical base that he won’t.

Which is insane, because he isn’t going to win over that base anyway.

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