Joy Reid Gets Stupid: “BLM Doesn’t Riot!”

You can always count on MSNBC’s Joy Reid for some racist, ignorant analysis of current events, but she sank to new depths of gaslighting stupidity on her Twitter account on Saturday, trying her best to convince social media users that Black Lives Matter has absolutely nothing to do with the riots, looting, and associated violence that we’ve seen in Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Kenosha, and other American cities.

Using a Seattle arrest breakdown from June (?), Reid argued that because out of 81 arrests made during the unrest, only eight were black…somehow that proves something about the nature of BLM.

“Let me repeat this for those inventing the idea of ‘Black Lives Matter riots.’ BLM doesn’t ‘riot.’ They march against police violence,” Reid said. “And note that those caught setting fires, assaulting and shooting people are consistently of the RIGHT, not the left. So let’s stop giving in to the narrative Trump and his allies are inventing to try and help him cling to power. Autocrats always eventually get to this place: accusing the opposition of being anarchic and violent to cover up their own rot and violence.”

This is a woman, mind you, that made the case last month that Antifa is a perfectly benign organization because their name literally means “anti-fascist.” So it shouldn’t surprise us that she is the kind of fool who would believe that, because BLM claims to be a certain thing (a peaceful group), she would swallow that line whole. Or at least pretend to.

“You are MUCH more at risk from unmasked Trump cultists coming home to your suburb from a superspreader rally and coughing or sneezing on you in Walmart or touching the door handle after wiping their nose than you are from a Black Lives Matter rally,” she said.

This is not only wrong but also quite beyond the point. Who the hell was talking about the coronavirus?

On Sunday, Reid was back at it with more unfounded remarks: “The ‘riots’ are not Black Lives Matter marches gone wrong. Armed white nationalists are mobbing these cities to take advantage of protests and scare fellow white people into quietly siding with them. It’s an old, tried and true strategy: using fear & anti-blackness for politics.”

Let’s assume (without any evidence at all) that Reid is right. That all “Black Lives Matter” people are entirely peaceful and that any and all chaos ensuing from these protests originate from right-wing terrorists. Well, it still doesn’t give BLM a pass. If you know that your presence on the streets is going to lead to violence and mayhem – and there’s no excuse for not knowing it at this point – then you are complicit in that destruction when you show up to protest.

Let’s put it another way: Did Reid or anyone else on the left give the “fine people” in Charlottesville a free pass? No, they said that if you were out there marching beside people waving Nazi flags and chanting “You will not replace us,” then you were just as bad as them. Now, all of a sudden, we’re supposed to break these riots down by skin color, by ideology, by social media history, and every other damn category so we can ensure that Black Lives Matter retains its purity.

We’re sure there are people out there who swallow this nonsense, but they aren’t us.

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