Kavanaugh Accuser’s Ex Destroys Her Credibility in Television Interview

Anyone who watched Julie Swetnick talk about her weird, unsubstantiated “gang rape” allegations against Brett Kavanaugh on MSNBC would have no doubt that this is a woman with some serious credibility issues. But if Swetnick’s own story wasn’t ridiculous enough to dismiss everything she says out of hand, her ex-boyfriend’s account of her behavior will surely do the trick. Liberals are angry that Swetnick isn’t getting enough attention from the FBI; by the time this fiasco is over, Swetnick herself may be grateful that the feds don’t show up on her doorstep.

Richard Vinneccy appeared on Fox News with Laura Ingraham on Monday night to talk about his relationship with the woman he says is a liar who is “affectionate about lawsuits.” Vinneccy told Ingraham that he felt it was his “civic duty” to come forward about Swetnick after she hooked up with Michael Avenatti to hurl some of the most explosive allegations yet against the Supreme Court nominee.

In the interview, Vinneccy said that Swetnick behaved bizarrely after they broke up. “She basically called me many times and at one point, she basically said you will never, ever see your unborn child alive,” he recalled. “And I’m just going to go over there, I’m going to kill you guys.”

Ingraham asked Vinneccy if Swetnick had ever confided in him about experiencing sexual assault.

“Never,” he said. “Never once did she mention that to me. We used to talk about just about everything, and she never once mentioned that at all.”

While Swetnick’s credibility is coming under fire from her ex-boyfriend, other media reports about Kavanaugh’s accuser have also undermined her. She has made numerous sexual misconduct allegations in the workplace, has been accused of falsifying information on her application, and apparently lied during a personal injury lawsuit that resulted in a settlement.

But even with all of that put aside, Swetnick’s own claims, as she relayed them to MSNBC’s Kate Snow this week, don’t pass the smell test. She is already walking back statements she made in a sworn affidavit in which she accused Kavanaugh of spiking the punch at parties the two attended in the 1980s. She now says he was merely “standing around the punch container.” She likewise could not say for certain that Kavanaugh participated in any gang rapes, but merely that she saw him standing with a group of guys outside a room at a party.

Between allegations that Kavanaugh was seen standing around at a party and the New York Times story that has him “throwing ice” at someone at a bar, it seems the Democrat smear campaign against this man will end with a whimper and not a bang.

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