Kimberly Guilfoyle: Don’t Be Misled By Biden’s Fundraising Numbers

In a very revealing op-ed for Breitbart News this week, Kimberly Guilfoyle – former Fox News host, current girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., and fierce advocate for President Trump – said that stories celebrating Joe Biden’s fundraising advantage over Trump in June were wildly misleading.

Hundreds of mainstream media articles pointed to Biden’s $10 million margin over Trump as some sort of proof of the former vice president’s momentum. However, Guilfoyle noted, when put into a full campaign context, Biden’s fundraising total is not nearly as impressive as it seems at first glance.

“The truth is June was a terrible month for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party,” she wrote.

Guilfoyle explained that Biden’s fundraising during the primaries was embarrassingly weak. Due to limits on campaign contributions, Biden could not hope to match the grassroots donations going to progressives like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. It was not until he became the party’s official nominee that he was able to shrug off the individual donor caps and truly take advantage of the DNC fundraising machine. That was the situation Biden arrived at in June – the shackles off, he should have been primed to begin building an unprecedented financial war chest.

“With June being the first month of a massively-expanded fundraising pool, one would have expected the billionaires to jump in with huge checks — after all, that is who Joe Biden built his campaign around. It was reasonable to expect that Biden would try to replicate the fundraising romps of establishments candidates before him, such as Romney or John Kerry — which would have translated to a $220-260 million month,” she noted.

“Instead, Joe Biden’s committee reported raising just $141 million to the Trump Campaign’s $131 million in June,” she continued. “That $10 million margin is a mere 7 percent gap — and nowhere near enough to make a noticeable impact on the President’s enormous cash-on-hand advantage. Again, in the first month as the presumptive nominee, John Kerry outraised President Bush by 100 percent and Romney outraised President Obama by 66 percent.”

This is the kind of analysis that Biden’s media cheerleaders are loathe to do – even though it’s as simple as it is true. Yes, Biden outraised Trump by $10 million in June. But when you consider the nearly $1 billion of cash-on-hand that the president has, we’re talking about a meaningless drop in the bucket. Biden still has a long way to go to catch up with the GOP war machine, and there’s no indication that he’ll be able to do it. Not only does this speak to his ability to compete with Trump financially, it speaks to the utter lack of enthusiasm for the candidate.

“Biden’s fundraising numbers aren’t impressive,” Guilfoyle concluded. “They’re an S.O.S.”

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