Lara Trump Slams Media for Spreading “Fake News” About Rally Chant

The president’s daughter-in-law was at that infamous rally in North Carolina, where a “Send her back” chant sent hundreds of journalists to their respective fainting couches. And because Lara Trump spoke at that rally and mentioned the president’s tweets against the Squad, members of the media accused her and President Trump of stoking the fire that led to the chant…if not outright instructing the crowd to chant it.

On Saturday, Lara set the record straight.

“Anyone insinuating that there was some premeditated plan to orchestrate the ‘send her back’ chant is obviously desperate to continue pushing a biased, racially-charged narrative,” she wrote, affixing the hashtag, #FakeNews.

Her tweet came a day after CNN’s Anderson Cooper accused her of lying about the situation in a Fox Business Network interview.

“It wasn’t the whole crowd,” she said in the interview. “It was just a couple of people right there in front but [President Trump] didn’t say it.”

To this, Cooper said: “She’s just friggin’ lying.”

He told his audience that Lara Trump had gotten the crowd going earlier with her speech, in which she said: “If you don’t love our country, the president said it: ‘You can leave,’ right?”

She did not, certainly, tell the crowd to chant “send her back.”

And frankly, even if she had, so what? The media is making a mountain out of a molehill here, which is par for the course when it comes to their coverage of Trump. It doesn’t really matter which members of the Squad are American-born, or which members are refugees, or which members are black. This is about socialist congresswomen who have spent all of their public and political capital on tearing down everything that makes America great.

These women – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley – aren’t criticizing the Trump administration. They aren’t criticizing the current policies of the government. They have been clear that the U.S. is a racist, awful nation that needs to be completely overhauled if it is to ever be worthy of patriotism or celebration. So yes, if that is your attitude about America, then why don’t you leave? Why don’t you go see how things are in Somalia right about now? Why don’t you go check out the Palestinian territories and see if you’d rather live there for a while? Maybe you’ll come to the conclusion that America isn’t all that terrible, after all.

Or maybe you’ll choose not to come back. Whatever floats your boat…

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