Leftist Reporter Caught Lying About Encounter with Omarosa

Liberal reporter April Ryan, a fixture at MSNBC and a host at American Urban Radio Networks, dropped a doozy of a story on The Washington Post last week. Ryan claimed that she had an encounter with Trump administration adviser Omarosa Manigault, a former friend and reality star who came to fame after her villainous turn on The Apprentice. According to Ryan, Omarosa is just as much of a villainess in real life, and she related a terrifying story about how she treated Ryan at the White House.

Ryan told the paper last week that Omarosa had “physically intimidated” her when they ran into each other at the executive mansion.

“She stood right in my face like she was going to hit me,” Ryan told WaPo. “I said, ‘You better back up.’”

Ryan also said that Omarosa warned her that she was one of several journalists that the White House was building a “dossier” on, apparently in an attempt to frighten her away from coverage the president in a negative way. Ryan, though, who would have nothing to say if she wasn’t criticizing the Trump administration, said she just brushed the threat off.

But now it appears that she may have been making up stories. Because as it turns out, Omarosa has a recording of the encounter and she has shared it with several journalists. And the recording does not, apparently, quite jibe with Ryan’s account of the situation. On of the reporters was a Fox News journalist. He said that while he could hear the two of them having a conversation on the tape, it didn’t sound like the kind of “confrontation” described by Ryan. Nor, he said, was there any apparent mention of a “dossier.”

Ryan, caught with her hand in the cookie jar, now wants to change the subject to the recording itself.

“I didn’t know she was taping it,” she said. “This is about her trying to smear my name. This is freaking Nixonian.”

Well, yes, Nixon did have a penchant for recording anything and everything, but that’s really beside the point, isn’t it, Ms. Ryan? Isn’t the point that you lied, flat-out, to the Washington Post? It wouldn’t have been possible for Omarosa to “smear” your name if you hadn’t been fibbing to the press. See, honest people don’t have anything to worry about. Dishonest, lying reporters, on the other hand…

“She came in with an attitude,” Omarosa told the Post. “For her to characterize me as the bully — I’m so glad we have this tape … because it’s ‘liar, liar, pants on fire.’”

It’s a small, incidental story, but it’s illustrative of just how dishonest the media really is – especially when it comes to Donald Trump. Next time one of these clowns makes a claim about something that happened to them, just ride it out. A tape might just come along and reveal the truth.

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