Lewandowski: Romney Run Would Destroy 2nd Amendment

Donald Trump’s campaign manager said this weekend that if Mitt Romney or any other third-party conservative runs in the general election, it could have dire consequences for some of America’s most cherished rights. In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Corey Lewandowski addressed the rumors of an independent campaign.

Wallace asked: “Where do you stand with getting House Speaker Paul Ryan to endorse Trump? And how worried are you and how worried is Trump about the possibility – the continued talk about a third party conservative run, perhaps by Mitt Romney?”

Lewandowski said, “A third party run by any candidate is a complete disaster and you’re handing the White House to the Democrats, which means four or five potential U.S. Supreme Court justices that Hillary Clinton would have a chance to appoint. If she does that, you can say goodbye to the Second Amendment among other things. You can say goodbye to your rights.”

Rumors of a serious third party candidate have been swirling since before Trump clinched the Republican nomination, though most political experts still see it as a longshot. This weekend, Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard claimed to have found a candidate. Whether that candidate is Romney (or if he even exists) remains to be seen.

“What [Romney] will do to the detriment of our country is he will allow a Democrat to appoint four or five Supreme Court justices that are going to be devastating long term to our country,” Lewandowski said. “So if Mitt wants to do that…”

Hopefully, all the talk of a third party candidate is just that: talk. Something to chatter about while we wait for Hillary to trudge her way to a divisive nomination. Kristol may never see the light, but it’s beginning to look like the majority of Republicans understand what’s really at stake in this election. Some are taking longer to get on board than others, but if Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham can come around on Trump, anyone can.

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