Liberal Author Slams Hillary’s “Perpetual, Sniping, Pity-Me Tour”

Spectator USA spoke with liberal author and academic Camille Paglia this week, and the outspoken political pundit was not shy about criticizing her own party of choice. In the interview, Paglia said that any hopes she’d once had of Democrats winning back the White House in 2020 were quickly fading, accused the party of being lost at sea without a message, and had particularly harsh words for the last presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Asked what will happen with the 2020 election and whether she believed Hillary would make another run at the White House, Paglia was pessimistic about the Democrats’ chances of regaining power.

“If the economy continues strong, Trump will be reelected,” she said. “The Democrats (my party) have been in chaos since the 2016 election and have no coherent message except Trump hatred. Despite the vast pack of potential candidates, no one yet seems to have the edge.”

After dismissing Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Andrew Cuomo, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden as negligible threats to Trump for various reasons, Paglia addressed Clinton, who has been coy about whether or not she will challenge the president to a rematch.

“As for Hillary, she’s pretty much damaged goods,” Paglia said, “but her perpetual, sniping, pity-me tour shows no signs of abating. She still has a rabidly loyal following, but it’s hard to imagine her winning the nomination again, with her iron grip on the Democratic National Committee now gone. Still, it’s in her best interest to keep the speculation fires burning.

“Given how thoroughly she has already sabotaged the rising candidates by hogging the media spotlight, I suspect she wants Trump to win again,” Paglia continued. “I don’t see our stumbling, hacking, shop-worn Evita yielding the spotlight willingly to any younger gal.”

Wow. Those are harsher words than you usually hear from Clinton’s Republican detractors, and that’s really saying something. If Paglia’s point-of-view on Hillary is any representation of the larger electorate on the left, it’s safe to say that Clinton’s political aspirations are thoroughly and completely done for. Of course we pretty much knew that already, but the question remains whether or not Hillary herself knows it.

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