Liberal “Expert” Warns of Trump’s Power to Use Chemical Weapons Against Us

The left is freaking out over President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency.

Unconstitutional, they cried for the 7,345th time since he took office in January 2017.

He’s a dictator in the making, they said for the 900th time this month.

But while most liberals managed to keep the crazy to the usual levels, one so-called “expert” took her pants off, put them on top of her head, and danced in the rain for the benefit of NPR listeners. Well, she might as well have.

Liza Goitein was introduced as a legal expert hailing from the Brennan Center for Justice, a left-wing think tank that gets its funding from associates of George Soros. Anyone who labels that as their primary credential should be distrusted right off the bat, but we assume this is the kind of deep-thinking leftist that NPR audiences expect to hear when they turn their radios to “All Things Considered.” Nothing like a little bit of hysteria, delivered to you in a near-whisper by people who seem so, so smart and so, so reasonable.

While we don’t necessarily recall NPR getting too concerned about the “risks of the executive branch having this kind of power” when President Obama issued 12 declarations of national emergency, this was the topic of discussion on Friday when host Audie Cornish posed the question to Goiten.

And boy, if Cornish was looking for a hyperventilating response, he could hardly have chosen a better guest.

“The risks are that these laws are — some of them — are incredibly potent in terms of what they allow,” Goitein said. “In this case, we’re talking about moving money within the Department of Justice to do something that Congress really doesn’t want the president to do.

“That’s bad enough,” Goitein continued. “But there are powers here that would allow the president to shut down communications facilities, radio stations, to freeze Americans’ bank accounts and seize their assets. There are powers that allow the president, believe it or not, to suspend the prohibition on government testing of chemical weapons and biological agents on unwitting human subjects. So it’s really extraordinary what some of these powers would allow.

“And if it’s the case that the president can simply make up an emergency anytime he wants in order to gain access to those powers,” Goiten concluded, “then we’re in real trouble.”

We’re sure there were plenty of nose-in-the-air liberals who conversed over this very danger Friday night over a glass of white wine. We’re sure there were many “Hmm, quite” responses and “just terrible” mutterings to go around. Perhaps a “come on, Mueller” or two.

We really shouldn’t take pleasure in their panic, but chemical weapons? Really?

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