Liberal Groups Want to Set Prisoners Free in Light of Coronavirus Outbreak

Never let a crisis go to waste, they say, and liberals have turned that lesson into a way of life. With the coronavirus spreading from country to country, state to state, and city to city, left-wing groups and Democrat politicians have decided to focus their concerns on only the top priorities.

For instance: Criticizing the Remain in Mexico policy laid out by the Trump administration to avoid letting unqualified asylum seekers to disappear into the American wilderness.

For instance: A letter to the federal Bureau of Prisons this week, sent by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, to ensure that our nation’s offenders are properly cared for.

For instance: Wailing and gnashing of teeth about a handful of Republicans using terms like “Wuhan virus” to describe the disease. God knows, we don’t want to offend the communist Chinese regime and their irresponsible local delicacies.

And then we have this, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon:

Multiple left-leaning organizations have called for governments to respond to the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus by mass releasing prisoners, reducing arrests, and limiting immigration enforcement.

The proposals from major criminal justice reform groups, in particular, push preexisting policy goals as a solution to the impending epidemic. While prisons pose a unique challenge for public health, it is unclear that such drastic measures are necessary to curtail the risk of infection.

The Sentencing Project, a pro-reform advocacy organization, called on public officials on Wednesday to “also prioritize the health and well-being of incarcerated people” in their responses to the virus. Nazgol Ghandnoosh, a senior research analyst with the project, said specifically that state and local governments should “release individuals who do not pose a public safety risk,” including elderly prisoners, “rehabilitated individuals in prison,” and those in pretrial detention—this latter population accounting for almost 500,000 people on an average day.

It’s endlessly amazing, you know? Somehow, every time there’s a matter of public concern, these left-wing groups discover that the policies they’ve been pushing for years are the EXACT ones that need to be implemented during the crisis! How astoundingly convenient!

If you’ve been praying at the Altar of Greta for the last few years, you’re out there telling us that the coronavirus is a call to do more about climate change. If you’ve been sounding the chord for open borders, you conclude that we need to eliminate immigration enforcement due to the coronavirus. And if you’ve been screaming that criminal justice is a racist, modern-day form of slavery, you think we should let everyone out of prison in the wake of the pandemic.

We’re just waiting to learn how banning and confiscating AR-15s will help us fight the spread of this illness. We’re sure there’s a connection, somehow. They always manage to find one.

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