Liberals Go Nuts Criticizing Trump’s Simple Drive Outside Walter Reed

Sunday afternoon was just the perfect encapsulation of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It was then that we saw just how willing liberals are to find anything – literally anything at all – and pick it apart for their tired opinion pieces, vicious tweets, and idiotic talking-head spots on cable television. The president is suffering from a potentially-fatal disease, and it hasn’t slowed the attacks one bit. Instead of being pleased at the sight of Trump leaving his Walter Reed Medical Center suite to take a ride outside the building to greet his supporters, the president’s critics were fit to be tied, angry about everything from the kind of mask Trump wore to the fact – HORROR – that he didn’t notify the media ahead of time.

“It is outrageous for the president to have left the hospital — even briefly — amid a health crisis without a protective pool present to ensure that the American people know where their president is and how he is doing. Now more than ever, the American public deserves independent coverage of the president so they can be reliably informed about his health,” whined White House Correspondents’ Association President Zeke Miller.

Ooh, aren’t you OUTRAGED!


Well, let’s hear from some of the other habitual Trump enemies, then.

There’s the absurd and obscene Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post, who somehow found Trump’s short drive so offensive that she tweeted no less than 34 times about it, calling on the Maryland Attorney General to “indict Trump for reckless endangerment” if anyone contracts COVID from the jaunt.

There’s CBS News’s David Begnaud, who whined: “The president who is infected with coronavirus, doesn’t appear to be wearing a medical grade mask, there’s a secret service agent in front of him who is. The president looks to be wearing a cloth mask similar to the one he has occasionally been seen wearing.”

There was a doofus from Vice News who claimed that she talked to a Secret Service agent who confided that they found Trump’s behavior “so reckless and careless and heartless.”

We imagine that Secret Service agent lives in the reporter’s imagination, but who can know?

While the media class indulges in another round of “Who can catastrophize Trump’s latest actions the best?” the rest of America is praying for the president’s recovery and doesn’t give the slightest damn that he drove over to wave to his supporters. The divide between the ELITE and the public grows ever wider.

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