Liberals Upset About Lady Gaga’s Uncontroversial Show

Lady Gaga launched her career in the mold of Madonna, keeping the media incessantly glued to her every move with one outrageous stunt after another. So it was expected by many that she would use the Super Bowl halftime show to make some sort of controversial political statement against Donald Trump. But while some have tried to find meaning in her brief “This Land is Your Land” recitation, Gaga’s performance was almost completely devoid of political commentary.

Naturally, this upset the left almost as much as the Patriots’ unprecedented comeback victory.

In the Los Angeles Times, writer Mikael Wood said Gaga had missed a golden opportunity to “say something profound.”:

Even “Born This Way,” Lady Gaga’s stomping ode to the value of individuality, felt like a missed opportunity to join the conversation about who rightfully belongs in this country.

This was her moment to say something profound (or at least grandly scaled) about American acceptance — yet she passed, seemingly eager to move onto the infinitely lighter-weight “Just Dance,” for which she hoisted a shiny keytar, again escaping into the past rather than facing up to the harsh reality of 2017.

Apparently after last year’s shameful Beyoncé debacle, leftists feel entitled to a halftime show that sends a message to the hateful masses who watch football. If a performer doesn’t live up to that standard, why, they might as well come onstage wearing a MAGA hat.

If you look around the internet, you’ll see some similar criticism of another huge pop star – Taylor Swift. Swift stayed far out of the political fray during the 2016 election and has not, to our best recollection, made any public statement one way or the other about Trump. For her silence, the left has grown irritable, denouncing her as a fake feminist for her refusal to denounce Trump.

Unlike Swift, Gaga has made no secret of her feelings about Trump and she was an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton in the election. But in keeping her halftime performance free of any overt political statements, she made a true stab at unity – something the left always claims to want. But of course, the “unity” the left wants is not true unity. They want fealty. They want submission. Unity, to them, means getting their way.

By doing nothing more than aiming her performance at the whole of America and not just that segment that would love to see her “make a statement,” Gaga showed the left what it really means to “go high.”

It’s not surprising that they want to bring her down.

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