Maxine Waters’ Staffer Accused of Doxxing Senate Republicans

The Democrats have sunk to such depths over the past two weeks that it’s hard to know which outrage to focus on. In their zeal to destroy Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, they have really outdone themselves. But we’re pretty sure the Lowest of the Low Award will have to go to the House of Representatives staffer that leaked the home addresses and other personal information of Senators Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, and Mike Lee. The doxxing appeared to be part of the Kavanaugh fight; it was no coincidence that this information showed up on Twitter and Wikipedia just as Christine Blasey Ford was testifying in front of the Judiciary Committee (upon which all three of the doxxed Republicans sit).

While it is a fact that the IP addresses that made the Wikipedia edits originated inside the House, some analysts have gone further; they say the range of addresses identified by Wikipedia can be narrowed down – not just to the House, not just to the Democrats, but to a very specific representative.

“When searching for activity associated with the House of Representatives IP’s used in the doxxing of Republican Senators, we fine a posted comment from August 22, 2018 registered to Kathleen Sengstock, the Senior Legislative Assistant for Representatives MAXINE WATERS,” wrote Matt Tokes on Twitter.

As Paul Joseph Watson might say, imagine our shock.

Waters, of course, is known for being one of the only – if not THE only – member of Congress to have actively called on her supporters to harass and protest Trump administration officials whenever they are seen in public. We got to see an example of this just last week when members of a group called Smash Racism DC drove Ted Cruz and his wife out of a Washington restaurant. Would it be any surprise to learn that staffers working for Waters would see this kind of tactic as perfectly okay? Is there any depth to which they will not sink to secure victory?

Waters has denied the allegation that she is somehow involved in the doxxing attack.

“This unfounded allegation is completely false and an absolute lie,” Waters said. “The member of my staff – whose identity, personal information, and safety have been compromised as a result of these fraudulent and false allegations – was in no way responsible for the leak of this information. We will ensure that the perpetrators will be revealed and that they will be held legally liable for all of their actions that are destructible and dangerous to any and all members of my staff.”

You will note that in this final warning, she’s not talking about the actual doxxing attack; she’s talking about the information that points that attack at her own staff. Good to know that her priorities are in order. If it is proven conclusively that her assistant released these details, will she retract this angry denial? Will she take punitive action against the assistant? Is she even bright enough to understand any of this?

Guess we’ll find out the answers to those questions soon enough. Unfortunately, by that time, the Democrats will have already done something even worse.

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