Media Wrong Again: UN Leaders Were Not Laughing AT Trump

The mainstream media has sent reporters to every single Trump rally since the beginning of his landmark campaign, so there’s no reason they should not know by now that our president has a sharp sense of humor. Granted, they DON’T actually know it, but that’s because they are such humorless drones themselves. Even so, they should be able to recognize that Donald Trump does not take himself nearly as seriously as they think he does.

Is he arrogant? Of course. But that arrogance also comes with a disarming amount of self-awareness. He is boastful, but his boasts are often so far over the top that he is either a narcissistic psychopath…or he has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. The people who come out to his rallies get it. They laugh and cheer when Trump makes one of his over-the-top pronouncements about how great he is. Trump laughs with them. It’s part of the thing that his supporters love about him. He is a shameless self-promoter, and it’s FUN.

What’s not fun? Teleprompter-reading Trump. Our president is good at a lot of things, but reading a speech from a Teleprompter and making it sound interesting is not among his keenest skills. He’s managed to do a pretty decent job at both of his State of the Union addresses, but that’s about it. Trump is far better when he speaks off-the-cuff, and he knows it. That’s why he often peppers his Teleprompter speeches with little asides and ad libs, almost as if he’s reading the material for the first time and reacting to it in the moment.

This was what happened in front of the United Nations. Trump read a line boasting that his administration had accomplished more than nearly any other administration in U.S. history. This provoked a small murmur throughout the crowd, which prompted Trump to look away from his monitors and remark: “So true…”

That’s an objectively funny moment, and the ambassadors and world leaders gathered for the speech saw it the same way. THAT’S when they laughed. Not when Trump made the original boast, but when he played into it with his signature over-the-top arrogance, which is supposed to be light-hearted. Look at Trump’s reaction when they start laughing. We’ve seen this president grow irritated with his audience; this was not that. He chuckled and smiled and said, “That’s not the reaction I was expecting.” Why? Because he was outraged and embarrassed? NO! Because it was the kind of reaction he would have gotten from his die-hard supporters at a rally!

The media presented this one all wrong, not that we’re surprised by that in the least. An opportunity to make it seem as though the world is laughing at our clown president? They just couldn’t pass it up.



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