Minnesota Republican Predicts That Trump Will Turn the State Red

Minnesota hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1972, but at least one Republican thinks that the streak could be coming to an end in November. GOP Senate candidate Jason Lewis said Saturday that he thinks that President Trump can win Minnesota this year, thanks in part to the racial divisions, riots, and botched COVID responses rolled out by Democratic leaders.

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Lewis noted that Trump only lost the state by a mere 44,000 votes in 2016. He said that Minnesota could easily flip red in the next election.

“It’s sort of a microcosm of the entire country. As the urban liberals become a little bit more crazy, it drives everybody else into Trump country and red country,” Lewis said.

Lewis is clearly not alone in seeing Minnesota as a potential swing state this year; Joe Biden has already announced that he will bring his campaign to the state for some in-person schmoozing. Both Trump and Biden have poured millions of dollars in advertising money into the state.

Lewis said that he sees signs that Minnesotans are slowly but surely moving to support the incumbent president.

“And especially so since Donald Trump has done the most important thing he could for the GOP, and he’s brought the working man and woman back to the party,” he said.

Lewis advised Democrats not to underestimate how dearly Minnesota voters cherish law and order, and he said they were dismayed by pictures and video of rioters laying waste to Minneapolis – to say nothing of the damage they’ve done in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, and many other great American cities. Lewis said that those voters see strength in the current White House, and he doubts that Biden’s late, lazy condemnation of the violence will do much to engender confidence among those who support the police.

“I think we are going to win, and I think the president is going to win,” he said.

Let’s hope so. The alternative is almost too grim to contemplate.

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