MSNBC Host: Conservatives Must “Assert the Truth” if They Want to Be Platformed

In between celebrating the Glorious New Age of Slow Joe Biden with the quasi-spiritual rapture that we’ve seen from liberals in recent days, MSNBC hosts and guests turned Inauguration Day into a time of bitter repute against Donald Trump and anyone who ever supported his presidency. Of course, part and parcel with that were further calls for the censorship of conservatives – or at least those conservatives who do not traffic in The Truth (as determined by outlets like MSNBC).

A few hours after Biden’s oath, former Obama administration staffer (and proven liar in his own right) Ben Rhodes talked about the need for the Republican Party to purge from its ranks anyone who won’t step up and embrace The Truth.

“Can the Republican Party finally stand up and — and tell the people the truth?” Rhodes asked. “And this is what Mitt Romney said so powerfully the night of January 6th, which is leadership is telling people the truth. And we get enough Republicans who are willing to do that, I think the combination of what Joe Biden can do, what can be done through policy, what can be done with tech companies, and hopefully at least a somewhat more responsible Republican party can do can begin to drain the toxicity out of the democracy.”

Excited by Rhodes’s points, host Nicolle Wallace jumped in with her own thoughts.

“It would be my policy that a Republican must assert the truth before they’re allowed to share any other views,” Wallace said. “And Lindsey Graham, I understand, appeared somewhere today and refused to go far enough in beating down the lie.

“I want to read you something from Tom Friedman wrote about social media companies,” she continued. “He wrote this: ‘Mark Zuckerberg and Sharyl Sandberg have to surprise us by, once and for all, stopping the elevation for profit of news that divides and enrages over more authoritative evenhanded news sources.’ That does not seem out of reach. If we can protect against counterfeit dollar bills, we should be able to protect against fake news we now know has the potential to kill people as it did two weeks ago.”

And of course we all know what “authoritative news sources” means when you hear such a phrase on a left-wing network like MSNBC. It means those faithful, trusted outlets that brought us the Russian Collusion Conspiracy, the Peaceful Riots of 2020, the Gender Wage Gap, the Campus Rape Crisis, the 1619 Project, Men Can Be Women, the Smearing of Brett Kavanaugh, and so many other classics.

If conservatives have to “assert the truth” of those tales before being given a microphone, we assume we’re in for an era of profound silence.  

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