MSNBC Panel Praises “Masterful” Nancy Pelosi, Political Genius

Apparently under the grave misimpression that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is actually winning the political tug-of-war with President Trump and Senate Republicans, conservative turncoat Nicolle Wallace told her MSNBC audience on Tuesday that Pelosi was nothing short of “masterful” in how she is dealing with the impeachment proceedings.

“We have watched Nancy Pelosi square off against Donald Trump and refuse to back down, even in the face of his bullying and constant harassment,” Wallace said. “Over and over, she’s proved herself to be the president’s most skilled adversary, landing the most damaging political blows to the president. Pelosi was the one person in the room with the courage to stand up to Trump. And with one look, she illustrated her command of her caucus once again. She is his kryptonite!”

Don’t make us laugh.

Was this written by Pelosi’s daughter? Because the praise is so over-the-top and out-of-touch with reality that it almost had to come from a family member. If anything, Pelosi has burned through her reputation as a fierce political strategist over the past couple of months. She’s been shown up as an emperor without clothes. Her decision to move forward with impeachment because of the Ukraine situation was not just an absurd choice from a factual standpoint, it has been an absolute political disaster. How could anyone think she’s handled this “masterfully?”

“She has been a real thorn in his side, and has gotten the best of him time and time again,” said one of Wallace’s guests, Jonathan Lemire. “She has navigated this beautifully. He is now the third President of the United States impeached, in part because how masterfully she’s landed this.”

Someone else who’s apparently smoking whatever stash Wallace got into. How was it even slightly impressive that Pelosi managed to get a party-line vote in the House of Representatives for impeachment? Half of these Democrats were publicly in favor of impeachment before that Ukraine call ever happened! A 16-year-old babysitter could have “navigated” their way to impeaching Trump under these circumstances.

Where are the voters that Pelosi has convinced? Which Senate Republicans has she persuaded to vote for conviction? What has she actually accomplished, other than to make it that much more unlikely that Democrats will take the White House in 2020?

“Donald Trump plays whack-a-mole, and she plays chess,” said noted idiot Charlie Sykes.

Yeah, well, we’ll see about that next November, won’t we?

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