MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: It’s “Dangerous” to Keep Letting Trump Speak

In an interview with one of the most virulently anti-Trump Democrats in the Senate on Monday, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes asked Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) if it wasn’t perhaps “bad for the country, even dangerous from a public health perspective” for networks to keep allowing President Trump to speak to the country in live, daily coronavirus briefings.

You’ll be shocked – shocked! –  to discover that Murphy agreed with this reasonable and not-at-all unhinged reaction to Trump’s improving approval numbers.

“Well, the President really sees, you know, his only responsibility as one of managing a public relations campaign about trying to set expectations so ridiculously low that he can’t help but step over the bar,” Murphy said. “I mean, listen, there has been no strategy from this administration, no comprehensive response to coronavirus from the very beginning.

“He has not taken control of the manufacturing of protective equipment. He has not federalized the supply chain,” Murphy continued. “He has issued absolutely no national guidance on social distancing or business and school closures. He has left all of this to the mayors and the governors. And instead, he just runs a public relations operation. That, as you mentioned, unfortunately, regularly dispenses very bad advice to Americans.”

Not only did Murphy stray far from the point that Hayes was making (which, to be fair, was a pretty stupid point), but he told a number of outright lies in his response. Most egregiously, Trump has been extremely clear about his expectations when it comes to social distancing.

Maybe that’s the problem. Hayes and Murphy haven’t actually watched any of these briefings, so they are just assuming that Trump is standing up there all day, every day with the guy from MyPillow, trashing Joe Biden, and patting himself on the back for a job well done. They’ve missed the fact that 95% of these briefings are filled with excellent information and a president who is doing a damn good job of keeping the public up to date and, at the same time, optimistic about the future.

Oh and then later, we get this beautiful remark from Sen. Murphy: “It sort of feels like Ukraine all over again. You know, the President is, you know, now instead of using foreign aid, using emergency relief in order to try to get people to do his political bidding, I mean, the message seems pretty clear. If you criticize the president, then you are going to get attacked and you are potentially going to have critical medical supplies withheld. And if you get the President’s back politically, then we’ll send you what you need.”

Imagine having the gall to even bring up the Ukraine nonsense at a time like this. That shows you exactly how fundamentally unserious the Democrats are about this crisis; it’s just another “thing” for them to use to “get” Trump and push him out of office.

Here’s an idea: Let’s keep the briefings and instead put a moratorium on petty Democrats speaking out against Trump on national television.

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