Mueller Report: No Evidence to Support Dossier Claims

Liberals pining for the downfall of President Trump have distanced themselves in recent months from the Christopher Steele dossier, which accused Trump of being everything but a Manchurian candidate for the Kremlin. With lurid tales of sex tape kompromat, devious allegations of oil deals, and a labyrinthine chronicle of how Trump had been groomed by the Russians for years, the dossier was laughably ridiculous from the moment it was written.

But that didn’t stop the FBI from using it as a pretense to continue (if not initiate) an investigation into Trump’s campaign, and it didn’t stop them from using it as a primary (if not only) piece of evidence to secure a FISA warrant against Carter Page. Nor did it stop many in the so-called “Resistance” from using it to smear this president from one end of the country to the other. Only when two years had passed and no evidence had emerged to confirm the absurd stories did Trump’s haters begin to downplay its significance.

So while the liberal media is busy pulling apart every last punctuation mark in the Mueller report to keep the witch hunt going just a little bit longer, we were more interested in seeing what the special counsel had to say about the dossier at the center of the investigation. Was there any veracity to it whatsoever?

Well, according to Mueller and his team, it’s the phony-baloney document we all knew that it was from the beginning.

To their credit, the New York Times ran a fair piece this weekend noting that the dossier, bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC, had taken a huge credibility hit in the wake of the Mueller report. While Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the document, made some silly remarks to the effect of “well, you know, the Russians really did try to meddle in the election, so that kinda confirms the dossier,” no one is fooled. On the specific claims laid out in Steele’s piece, not a one of them turned out to be true.

Mueller found that no tapes existed. No secret deals for shares in Rosneft. No Michael Cohen in Prague smoking gun. In an era filled with fake news, the Steele dossier was the fakest of them all.

And the sad part is, without it, this Russia investigation would have probably been over and done with by November 2016. At least, the part of it that had anything to do with Donald Trump.

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