Muslim Congresswoman Says Trump Has “Markings of a Dictator”

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, controversial Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar told the liberal magazine that impeachment was “inevitable” for President Donald Trump, a man who has all “the markings of a dictator.”

Omar, who was one of two congressional representatives this week to sign a pledge to impeach Trump (the other being fellow Muslim Rashida Tlaib, natch), has been a lightning rod for controversy since coming to Congress in January. She has come under fire for several anti-Semitic remarks, including a dirty tweet a couple of weeks ago where she insinuated that Republican support for Israel was bought and paid for by AIPAC. While she has since apologized for that tweet, many in the Jewish community say that this is hardly her first brush with anti-Semitism.

But it was not Israel on Omar’s mind when she sat down with Rolling Stone but rather the President of the United States.

She said that her only misgivings about impeaching Trump came when thinking about making Vice President Mike Pence take his place.

“I believe that impeachment is inevitable,” she said. “It is also a terrifying notion. Pence is an ideologue, and the ideology he holds is more terrifying to me and my constituents. And we have not had a full impeachment that removes the president from office. Nations struggle any time they overthrow a dictator, and Trump really has the markings of a dictator.”

It is more than a little amusing to hear a Democrat talk about Trump being a dictator when it is they who have done everything they can to undermine the democratic role of the electorate in choosing our leaders. Whether it’s deliberating a challenge to the Electoral College, proposing ways to make the EC irrelevant in the next election, covering up for the FBI and the Department of Justice’s witch hunt, or spending millions on go-nowhere investigations in the hopes that it might give them a nugget’s worth of material for an impeachment proceeding, they have mocked our democracy from the day Trump was inaugurated.

But he’s the dictator? Okay.

Frankly, if Ilhan Omar wants to be concerned about dictatorships, she can start by encouraging Congress to distance the U.S. from Middle Eastern kingdoms where Islamism and Sharia Law have endangered the populations, given birth to worldwide terrorism, and continue to provide an incubation system for the most dangerous religion on the planet.

But somehow, we doubt that’s on her list of priorities. Other than impeaching Trump and boycotting Israel, we’re not sure what is. We should probably find out.

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