Nervous Democrats Want to “Draft Michelle Obama” as Biden’s Running Mate

A group of Democrats is watching Joe Biden’s basement-based campaign crumble and falter, and they are desperate to salvage it from what seems like certain doom. Even as Biden leads Trump in national polls and swing state surveys, these Democrats remember 2016 all too well. Hillary Clinton led Trump in the polls all the way up until election day…and she still lost, bigly. Biden may not have an FBI investigation hanging over his candidacy, but growing perceptions about his mental unfitness for office combined with the damning accusations of Tara Reade have combined to make him an extremely shaky challenger to Trump.

These Democrats think they have just the prescription to bring Biden back from the brink: A healthy dose of Michelle Obama.

The former first lady is on record saying she wants nothing to do with electoral politics, but that isn’t stopping the “Draft Michelle Obama” committee from pushing her to change her mind and join Joe Biden on the campaign trail.

“The Committee to Draft Michelle Obama firmly believes that Ms. Obama will not only benefit the Democratic ticket this November but also help lead this country to be more just and caring,” the group said in a statement on Monday. “Immediately after Vice President Biden announces his choice, we will focus on supporting the Democratic ticket. We first want to assure that Ms. Obama sees how many people would like to see her accept Biden’s ask to be his running mate, our encouragement for her decision alone to make.”

According to The Hill, the group is backed with funding from prominent Democratic donors like Mack Wilbourn, Sid Topol, and Nadine Hack. Their aim is to use the next few weeks to “generate media attention” for a potential Michelle Obama vice presidential campaign.

Biden himself has expressed great interest in picking Obama as his running mate, but former senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett says there’s “no chance” that Michelle would accept the offer.

“The reason why I’m being so unequivocal is that there just simply has never been a time when she’s expressed an interest in running for office,” Jarrett told The Hill last week. “She’s not demurring here. She’s not being hard to get. She doesn’t want the job.”

Biden has promised to choose a woman as his running mate, and speculation has centered around Sen. Kamala Harris, Georgia gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams, and Michigan tyrant Gretchen Whitmer, among others.

Asked about the possibilities this weekend, President Trump had his own recommendation for Biden.

“I think Elizabeth Warren is responsible for Joe Biden’s win because she didn’t drop out, and Bernie would have won every single state on Super Tuesday,” the president told the New York Post. “I think he should pick Elizabeth Warren because Elizabeth Warren, more than any other person, including [South Carolina Rep.] Jim Clyburn and including anybody you can name, is responsible for the win of Joe Biden.”

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