Nervous, Joe? Biden Suddenly Decides He’s in Favor of Impeachment

This week in New Hampshire, former Vice President Joe Biden finally joined his progressive colleagues in calling for President Donald Trump to be impeached. Whether this is Biden trying to scramble back to the lead in the 2020 race or a sign of how nervous he is about what the Department of Justice’s investigations might turn up about his dealings in Ukraine and China…well, we’ll leave that for you to decide. We just know the timing is awfully suspicious for a guy whose corruption is finally coming to light.

At a town hall event, Biden said, “With his words and his actions, President Trump has indicted himself. He has already convicted himself. In full view of the world and the American people, Donald Trump has violated his oath of office, he betrayed this nation, and committed impeachable acts.”

President Trump wasted no time in hitting back

“So pathetic to see Sleepy Joe Biden, who with his son, Hunter, and to the detriment of the American Taxpayer, has ripped off at least two countries for millions of dollars, calling for my impeachment – and I did nothing wrong. Joe’s Failing Campaign gave him no other choice!” he tweeted.


Right now, the Democrats are basically playing an impeachment game in Congress. This is far, far from the kind of bipartisan, traditional impeachment inquiry we saw in the days of Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon. In those cases, Congress passed a formal impeachment resolution by floor vote. Pelosi doesn’t want to go that route, because it would let House Republicans in on the process. She wants this to be a partisan slaughter, and that’s what makes this the unconstitutional farce that it is. The White House announced this week that they would not cooperate, and they are fully correct in denying Pelosi their assistance.

This is compounded by three things: One, Democrats have been itching to impeach Trump since the moment he took office. This supposedly urgent matter of the Ukraine call is just an excuse to do it. Two, Democrats like Rep. Al Green (D-TX) have admitted that the real danger in not impeaching Trump is that he might win again in 2020. That’s not what impeachment is supposed to be about.

And three? Well, let’s hear it from Biden: “We have to remember, impeachment isn’t only about what the president has done. It’s about the threat the president poses to the nation if allowed to remain in office.”

That has NOTHING to do with the impeachment clause of the Constitution. That, insofar that it is anything at all, is just campaign propaganda. Which, at the end of the day, is all this impeachment effort amounts to.

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