NeverTrump Pundit: “America Has a Fox News Problem”

One of the last conservatives on the NeverTrump bandwagon, Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol has spent the majority of the last three years endlessly criticizing the president and his administration. While Kristol has not completely abandoned the conservative ship in the way, say, Jennifer Rubin and Ana Navarro have (or Steve Schmidt or Nicolle Wallace, etc…), he’s a rabid anti-Trumper who refuses to take even the slightest pleasure in watching this president push stoically through an unprecedented conservative agenda.

To hell with two outstanding Supreme Court picks. To hell with massive deregulations. As far as Kristol is concerned, we’d be better off with a polite Democrat in the White House than a rough-around-the-edges Republican. We won’t pretend we understand, but hey, everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

In any event, Kristol is now expanding his ire at President Trump to include Fox News. When NBC’s John Harwood tweeted: “The United States of America has a Lou Dobbs problem,” Kristol responded by saying, “The United States of America has a Fox News problem.”

In reference to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Kristol said on CNN this weekend that Trump “helped create an environment that made this possible.”

“Fox News and parts of the right-wing media has made this much more acceptable,” Kristol said. “Their coverage of the caravan and the dangers of these immigrants.”

Kristol said that the right-wing media was “obsessed” with George Soros, the billionaire leftist who happens to be Jewish.

“It’s the Jews, the evil Jews, occupying the U.S. government and bringing in alien invaders in this country,” Kristol said. “I’m blaming the management of Fox and the investors in Fox and some of the other talent, who are decent people, at Fox for saying nothing.”

The next day on MSNBC, Kristol continued to blame the president and Fox News for inciting the synagogue shooter. He said the rhetoric Trump uses helped incite Robert Bowers (an avowed Trump hater, incidentally).

“Against the news media, against the refugees, the caravan of refugees, which was really the inciting I think rhetoric that he used, that Fox and others used, which provoked apparently this man who was, in any case, an anti-Semite obviously, a bit because of the synagogue helping the refugee resettle agency, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society,” theorized Kristol. “That’s what sort of came together you know his hatred of Jews and his hatred of immigrants and refugees. And that hatred of immigrants and refugees even more than the hatred of Jews I would say. The president has to take some responsibility for that. It’s been him whipping up a frenzy about this caravan 2,000 miles away for the last two or three weeks.”

We love this suggestion – and Kristol is not the only one making it – that because one psycho shot up a synagogue and another fruitcake in Florida sent a bunch of pipe bombs out…that means that Trump and other conservatives can no longer criticize Barack Obama, CNN, or the migrant caravan. You think CNN, Obama, and illegal immigrant activists would stop bashing Trump if someone mailed a pipe bomb to the White House?

It’s pathetic to see Bill Kristol dance for the liberal media this way. Maybe one of these days he’ll wake up to the fact that he’s fighting against everything he claimed to stand for in his career. Maybe one of these days he’ll realize that he’s become a pawn of the left and an embarrassment.

But if he hasn’t heard the alarm clock yet, he’s probably not going to.

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