New Poll of 2020 Swing States Has Democrats Sounding the Alarm

The New York Times and Siena College just released a new poll of the states that will likely decide the 2020 presidential election, and the numbers have Democrats sounding the alarm.

While the poll shows President Donald Trump trailing (barely) behind Joe Biden by a couple of points in the battleground states, he is ahead of Elizabeth Warren and in a virtual tie with Bernie Sanders. The poll has some Democrat (and NeverTrump) pundits practically begging voters to choose Biden as the nominee – they know that a “progressive” candidate like Sanders or Warren could spell electoral doom next November.

“Despite low national approval ratings and the specter of impeachment, President Trump remains highly competitive in the battleground states likeliest to decide his re-election, according to a set of new surveys from The New York Times Upshot and Siena College,” the Times reported, the dismay practically leaking from the newsprint.

The polls confirm what we’ve thought for a long time; if Democrats have the slightest prayer of winning this election, it will be Biden or bust. America, despite what you may believe after spending an inordinate amount of time reading Twitter and perusing Reddit, is not anywhere close to being ready for a socialist president. And while Elizabeth Warren describes herself as a “capitalist,” her Medicare-for-All plan is the most expansive (and expensive) socialist program that has ever been introduced by a major presidential candidate. She would get crushed. Sanders would get crushed. It’s hard to imagine any of the other losers on the stage actually winning the nomination.

“The Twitter universe rooting Warren on, insisting that her Medicare-for-all plan is realistic and doable, does not reflect the voters essential to Democrats’ victory. Twitter users (younger, more ideological, more politically obsessed) indeed are opposite of the swing voters whom Biden can attract but Warren cannot,” wrote a very nervous Jennifer Rubin on Monday. “A timely reminder that state polls differ dramatically from national polls should inform Democratic primary voters. Democrats cannot nominate a candidate with less appeal than Clinton in key swing states, or they will lose. Period.”

Rubin is transparently pleading with Democrats to come to their senses and nominate the only guy who has a chance – the long-past-his-prime Joe Biden – but she’s not wrong, especially about national polls. Presidential elections are not decided by a national vote and they certainly aren’t decided by the leftists on social media.

The problem for Democrats is that, even if they luck out and nominate Biden, they’re still putting up a candidate whose biggest strengths are: Not being completely insane and having an association with Barack Obama. In other words, they’re going to have to count on anti-Trump hatred winning the election.

That didn’t work last time, and we’re pretty sure it ain’t gonna work this time.

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