New Poll: Voters Glad That Trump, Not Biden, is in Charge Right Now

According to a new poll from Politico and Morning Consult, voters may or may not fully approve of the job the federal government has done in responding to the coronavirus. They may or may not be fully pleased with the way President Trump has handled the pandemic. They may even wish, to some degree, that President Obama was still in office to deal with the crisis. But there’s one thing they’re sure about: If it’s a choice between having President Trump in charge of the response and having former Vice President Joe Biden at the head of the table? Voters are Team Trump all day long.

And, since that IS actually the choice voters will be faced with in November, this poll speaks volumes about Trump’s chances for re-election. Unless the Democratic Party can find a way to put Obama on the ballot again, they are in trouble.

The poll’s results:

— 52% of voters believe Obama would have been better than Trump in the crisis; 38% said Trump is better.

— 44% of voters believe Trump is better than Biden; 36% would have preferred that Biden be in charge.

— 50% say the Trump administration hasn’t done enough during the crisis.

— 44% approve of Trump’s job performance overall.

To be sure – if we’re looking at these numbers in a vacuum, they’re nothing to write home about. But we contend that the only number that really matters is that second one: Voters are more comfortable with President Trump in the Oval Office during this crisis than the thought of having Biden there. As of Wednesday, when Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race, this election is down to two choices: Trump and Biden. Not Trump and Obama. Not Trump and some imagined better version of Trump. No. It’s Trump and Biden. Period. And the tale of the tape says that Biden has some serious ground to make up between now and November.

Now the question becomes: How exactly is Biden going to do that from his living room? How is he going to do that when the news is focused on the coronavirus pandemic 24/7. Hell, if you blinked, you would have missed the news that Bernie Sanders dropped out on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Trump dominates the news, he’s on TV for more than an hour every day, and his control over the crisis looks more solid with every passing day. At this point, if we get through this disaster with anything less than a full economic depression and catastrophic loss of life, Trump comes out looking pretty good. The media’s hammering his every move and word will only backfire on them…and on Biden.

Good luck, Joe. You’re gonna need it.

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