New Report Exposes the Bombshell Robert Mueller Hid From the Public

Many Republican lawmakers and conservative pundits have made the same point: All things considered, Special Counsel Robert Mueller likely could have concluded – publicly – that President Trump was innocent of collusion with the Russians within a month or two of opening up the investigation.

Instead, Mueller and his team of “Angry Democrats” kept the inquiry going for nearly two years, spending more than $30 million to come to that same conclusion. All the while, letting Democrats and their bought-and-paid-for media run wild with accusations, hoaxes, and unsubstantiated theories. All the while perpetuating the shadow over Trump’s presidency.

Now we have further proof that Mueller went out of his way to keep the lens of suspicion trained on Trump and his family, even after discovering, early on, that they were guilty of nothing. Thanks to the tireless reporting of John Solomon, we have learned that a translator named Anatoli Samochornov, one of the few eye-witnesses to that infamous Trump Tower meeting from summer 2016, told Mueller in July 2017 that the meeting – between various members of the Trump campaign (including the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.) and Moscow attorney Natalia Veselnitskya – was entirely innocuous.

From Solomon’s report:

Samochornov’s eyewitness account entirely debunks the media’s narrative, the FBI memos show.

“Samochornov was not particularly fond of Donald Trump Jr., but stated Donald Trump Jr.’s account with Veselnitskya as portrayed in recent media report, was accurate,” according to the FBI 302 report on its interview of the translator. “Samachornov concurred with Donald Trump Jr.’s accounts of the meeting. He added ‘they’ were telling the truth.”


“Samochornov could not speak about other occasions, but said there was no discussion about the 2016 United States presidential election or collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign at the meeting,” the FBI reported.

“There was no smoking gun, according to Samochornov. There was not a discussion about dirt on Hillary Clinton. Samochornov did not think Hillary Clinton was mentioned by name at the meeting,” the FBI report added. “Samochornov had not heard Veselnitskya say anything about having ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton. Veselnitskya did not offer any materials during the meeting and no papers were exchanged.”

Okay so. To recap: Mueller knew, due to eyewitness testimony from this translator, in July 2017 that there was absolutely nothing nefarious about the Trump Tower meeting. There was no discussion about Hillary Clinton. No mention of “dirt.” No mention of secret Russian info.

And so, while stories of this mysterious meeting were burning up the media, Mueller sat back, silent, and allowed the American people to suspect Trump and his son of colluding with Putin’s minions. And he knew better the whole time.

What a complete farce.

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