New York Liberals Get Their Kicks By Playacting Trump’s Assassination

The liberal news media went wild every time some random hillbilly hung an effigy of Obama from a tree in the backyard, but when the shoe is on the other foot, oh, it’s just fine to put on a play in Central Park depicting the assassination of President Donald Trump.

The play, which is being put on by the Shakespeare in the Park company, is losing corporate sponsors due to the – ahem – unmistakable similarities between “Julius Caesar” and the sitting president of the United States. And considering that the gentleman playing “Julius Caesar” is mocked up to look exactly like Trump, we’d say that the sponsors – Delta Air Lines and Bank of America – are probably not wrong in their assumption.

“No matter what your political stance may be, the graphic staging of Julius Caesar at this summer’s Free Shakespeare in the Park does not reflect Delta Air Lines’ values,” the company said in a statement released Sunday. “Their artistic and creative direction crossed the line on the standards of good taste.”

Bank of America announced they were dropping their sponsorship of the production in a tweet the same day, saying, “The Public Theater chose to present Julius Caesar in such a way that was intended to provoke and offend. Had this intention been made known to us, we would have decided not to sponsor it.”

The play itself tells the story of Julius Caesar without “modernizing” the script, but the Trump-lookalike playing the lead role and the modern-day costuming leaves little doubt as to the production’s political intentions.

The two sponsors dropped out after the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. expressed his disgust with the production. “I wonder how much of this ‘art’ is funded by taxpayers,” he mused on Twitter. “Serious question, when does ‘art’ become political speech and does that change things?”

What we wonder is how these liberals are going to feel when life imitates art and some lunatic tries to go down in history alongside Lee Harvey Oswald and the rest of American history’s monsters. Will they accept responsibility for having turned a president’s assassination into a joke? Will they accept responsibility for having turned up the political rhetoric so high that unstable, rabid leftists feel compelled to act? Or will they simply say, “Oh, free speech, blah blah” and secretly take pride in the horror they’ve wrought?

After the Kathy Griffin debacle, there was an opportunity for Trump’s critics to take a step back and think about what kind of message they were transmitting to the country. Unfortunately, they seem to have missed it.



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