New York Protester: “Feed Our Babies” and This Rioting Will End

We were under the impression that the thousands of protesters/rioters in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and other major American cities were marching in the streets and burning down businesses to make a statement against police violence against black people. We’ll take the blame for not paying close enough attention, but we really thought all of this had something to do with the death of George Floyd at the hands of police. Apparently for some protesters, though, this chaos has just as much to do with unemployment caused by the coronavirus and the stingy checks from the federal government! Who knew?

In an interview with NY1 News, an unidentified protester had all kinds of confused reasons to justify the fires and violence that has engulfed America over the last week.

“I mean, I’m a black mother and a Social Studies teacher and I’m raising a black son in America so I have no choice but to fight and walk. That’s all I can do,” she told a reporter.

Asked if the destruction and looting drew attention away from the central message, the woman reached back a hundred years to come up with a historical justification.

“I mean these white mobs came and rioted in Tulsa and did the same s**t, excuse my language, but I’m just sayin’ like, what’s the difference?” she said, referring to an incident that happened in 1921. “You gave, the government gave $1,200 to people to survive on in March, what you thought was gonna happen? You took summer youth away from the youth, what you thought was gonna happen? They need jobs! Feed our babies and we won’t have this problem!”

Ah. Could have sworn that it was your job to “feed your babies,” but we suppose that’s just another thing we were wrong about. These wild “protests” are certainly giving us a lot of new ideas about what’s really going on. Dunno how we were so misguided for so long!

For instance, we really thought it was a bad thing that these anarchists were burning down stores and looting the wares inside. But according to this woman, it’s actually no big deal.

“These are multi-billion dollar corporations that got insurance. So, no offense, but they’ll be alright,” she said.

Asked about small business owned by people of color, she said, “Hmmm, define owned by people of color, because the banks actually run those businesses. So they own, they could be a mom and pop store, but it’s probably someone else that is not of their color funding their business.”

Now we get it, now we get it. If your small business got funding from THE WHITE MAN, then it should be burned down. It all makes sense now.

These riots are a big problem. The literal insanity driving them is a bigger one.

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